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MG MGF Technical - Failed MOT emissions and some news

Hi all.

It has been quite a while since I last posted in this forum. The fact is that after 8 years of daily driving the F is no longer the car I use to commute. After 98500km I stopped it before the magical number and now I drive it on good weather days only.

However it failed the MOT emissions test for the 2nd consecutive year. Last year I changed the lambda/O2 sensor and it solved the problem. This year the same thing. It was way above the limit and when I bought and changed the sensor it returned immediately to the target bracket. So the new sensor failed in less than 1 year! Is this common?

The rest apart from a cracked front windscreen (stone), bald front tyres and the occasional oil change everything is fine. Still running on the original rear pads and never recharged the aircon.

Off topic:
Recently I added 2 more used cars to my little fleet: a 2003 1800 Caterham 7 and a 1998 BMW Z3 MCoupe. I know you hate BMW and I too don't like the Z3. But this 321bhp Coupe version, no traction control powerslides in 4th gear, oh dear. What a rocket!!

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

Just as I was praising the car, 2 more things failed:

The original plastic TB. It happened just as usual rpm at 1400, when hot... Must get a 52mm alloy one now and get a power increase.

The aircon water drain hose clogged up and water was flooding the passenger footwell. Had to remove carpets and insulation to dry them.

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

Hi Valter,
common sources for lambda sensor failure are either bad fuel (silicone or lead ) or useage of silicone sealers when re-building an engine after HGF etc.
Nice addition of cars ,but You have to be in south Europe to enjoy the Caterham 7.
Real summers ,and NOT as here in Scandinavia at the moment ! And all that rain sweeps in from UK..
Carl Blom

Long time no hear Valter! My F has been pressed back into service as a daily commute car - mileage now approaching 96,000 miles - won't be long before I break the magic 100! Not bad for the old girl, who will be reaching her 14th year very soon!
Rob Bell

Rob surely you mean 13th birthday or are you superstitious. 14th Birthday would mean it would have to be registered in 94

Dave, would confirm the 13th for Rob's and *soon* means in about 6 month .... ;)

Yes, Rob, but my magic 100 (km) happens at your 62(ml)! :-)

Do you still race (sprint) your car?

I personally think that if are a good DIYer and you take care of the car (despite a very bad build quality) the MGF is a reliable car. Mine is!


Forgot to add that the Caterham has no license plates and I use it for racing purposes only. Not even track days.

For all,

now is extremely hot here and there's no way you use your softtop down between 11am and 5.30pm. Too unpleasant. Only before or after this hours you go topless. In between it's aircon all the way...


Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

valter,do you still have the black SofTop to absorb the heat to fight the Air Con.
I still use the Silver HardTop to reflect the sun so the Air Con only keeps us cool.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing


I've got a brg hardtop that I use from November to March. Then it's the black softop... You can really feel the heat penetrating the cabin. The aircon fights it somehow.

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

>> Dave, would confirm the 13th for Rob's and *soon* means in about 6 month .... ;) <<

Dieter's right - car was built in December 1995, and I got hold of it in January 1996. And the 13th birthday means the 14th year... :oD

Valter, may be popping over to Portugal in September - might be possible to see you again?
Rob Bell

Great Rob!

Are you driving here or airplane?
I'll be around in September, except for some weekends. But weekdays, sure.

If you need a car you can use my MGF, no problem.


Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

Flying over to the Algarve, with luck. Will drop you an email closer to the time. Has your mail address changed?
Rob Bell



vfernandes at tap dot pt

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

Will do! It'll be a short trip (just a couple of days without the kids, on a conference) - but hopefully enough time to catch up! :o)
Rob Bell

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