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MG MGF Technical - Failed MOT - Rear Suspension

Not happy. My 96 F failed it's MOT on Saturday because of worn suspension - need to replace the whole shocks I've been told.

Anyway I am having this done tomorrow morning and am wondering if I need to have the tracking checked again.

This car has cost me a fortune over the past 4 months.

The suspension is going to be around GBP200 including labour

Any thoughts on tracking ?

andrew northcott

Take it round to a decent tyre place that fits shocks, hit the credit card a bit more and get some better shocks (Konis Maybe). The money you save by not going and paying dealer prices for labour and very average shocks you get a much better product which will last you longer and improve the handling of your MGF. It is not a difficult job. B&G will sell you a good set of shocks at a reasonable price, no problem.

Yes you should have a full four wheel alignment check/adjustment (not sure if it is compulsory, but I would do it) but this should cost no more than around 30 quid and could no doubt be done in the decent tyre place in which you are buying/fitting the shocks.

If your front tyres are wearing unevenly I would change the front toe angle somewhere between parallel and toe in 0Deg 5min. This will also improve the handling and stability but that's another story. Otherwise you can leave it as standard.

Unless you have Polly bushes and/or compliance washers fitted on the back I would leave the back as Rover recomends.
Tony Smith

My '96 'F is due for its MoT now too. I hope I'll be luckier; when last I checked the shocks seemed fine. It's an odd failure point though isn't it? Given that the shocks are only supplimentary to the hydragas units (that act both as a springing AND damping media) I find it little hard to believe that any F would fail on this point... Any one else have any comment on this?

As for advice, I 100% agree with Tony. Also, as Tony says, a good opportunity to uprate the shocks all round- something the MGF's handling responds very well to. An alternative to B&G are Techspeed who retail the road going versions of the Eibach dampers fitted to the MGF Cup cars. From what owners say, well worth fitting!

Rob Bell

The reason for shock absorber failure is most likely some leaksge of the damping oil showing on the shock absorber body.

My left rear shock needed replacing early last year. I'm now about to fit AVO's all round (over the weekend maybe).


Speaking of Shockies..

Can anyone give me the part numbers for either;

Is ther any difference between the front and rear shockies ?

What are the Eibach shockies... I have not heard of these.


Scott Martin

Sure it's the shocks? My F failed for front bushes (and the rears were marginal). Easily and cheaply changed.

Probably because they were designed for less-intensive metro loads.....

Who told you to replace the shocks - the Rover MG dealer or an independent place?

N837 OGF

Hugh, this looks like it was a perfect oportunity to get decent polly bushes fitted.

For Shocking part numbers and prices try

B&G on or
MS on or
Moss on or
Techspeed on

As far as I can see Demon Tweaks is not online, if you know different let me know.

Tony Smith

Thanks every one !!!

Good news though - I was not the shocks but the bushes and yes it was alot cheaper.

Hugh, I use a non Rover dealer who sold me the car. They have been pretty good generally, despite giving me an initial fright over the shocks. Still at least they told me (without me having to query the initial diagnosis) rather than just replace them

andrew northcott

can you please add which bushes got changed ?
The big tie bar bushes ?

Thanks in advance,

Dieter Koennecke

Just to add for Tony and the records:
Dieter Koennecke

My F Dealer told me at the last service that the rear shock lower bushes were perishing/splitting. Having replace these type of bushes before on other cars I was surprised to be told by him that it would mean replacement of each complete Shock!

Surely not.

Can anyone advise if/where I can get hold of replacement bushes for the Rear shocks lower mountings. I dont want to change any of the original spec of the car (alternative shocks or poly bushes) but just don't agree paying 100 for a 1 bit that I can change!

The Workshop Manual does not itemise them as seperate parts. Does Mike Satur do them?

Cheers for any help
Paul Lane

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