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MG MGF Technical - Fan Belt

Every other morning I get a screeching sound which I'm fairly sure is my fan belt slipping. It was replaced when I had a HGF a few months ago so I'm sure it just needs adjusting.

Can someone give me advice on doing this myself or does it need to go to a dealer. Fitting my K&N has given me some mechanical confidence so I'm ready to have a go as long as it is not too complicated.

My F is a 96 1.8mpi

Thanks for any help,


Probably alternator belt (fans are electric).

But I concur with your diagnosis - especially if the screeching increases when you turn electrical loads on. In theory it's easy to fix - the alternator is on a swing-mount, held in position by an "adjustable bolt". You can do this yourself - but accessibility isn't easy.

Garage should take 5 mins to do it.

N837 OGF

This thread was discussed on 14/12/2000

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