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MG MGF Technical - Fans

Hi everybody,
How do I get the Rad and Bay fans to come on without disconnecting sensors etc? I would like to see them work under "normal" driving/stationary modes if that is possible.
I assume the Rad fan would come on if the car is stationary for some time with the engine running and I would see the temperature guage rise above normal at the same time.
I'm not sure about the Bay fan at all.
Thanks for any help
Chris Jones


As you guessed, the rad fan will come on after about 20 mins of idling, but you should see no change in the temperature gauge - it is too heavily damped and is basically useless :-)

The engine bay fan is another matter and is unlikely to be easily provoked on. However, I'm told that on MPi's they come on reasonably frequently, but on my VVC it rarely ever kicks in.

Dave Livingstone

on my mpi the engine bay fan kicks in all the time, quite funny sitting near a kerb and suddenly someones shins get hit by hot air!

After I went for another manifold and downpipe my engine bay fan comes on regularly (VVC).

@Edd : It sucks air in, it doesn't blow it out.

the sensor location

VVC and MPi is the same funcion.
The VVC has an overheating indication from the sensor (comes off at 130C,. out at 110C.

Usually the sensor drives a relay in the front bonnet, depending on the ECU timer powered:
On @ 75C, out @ 60C.

Since mgtf the instrument panel indicates a broken engine bay air temp sensor.

... and it really sucks air in. Test with a sheet of paper held in front of the grill.

... and the fan is designed to cool down FUEL lines and prevent from air bubbles in the lines. Not to cool the engine with the tiny f*rth wind ;)

Dieter K.

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