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MG MGF Technical - FAO Dieter: Remus exhaust


Do you know if the Remus Romulus exhaust is available for later Fs and TFs with the changed exhaust/cat layout? Is there a sound file anywhere on the web?



Looking at the Dutch Remus site I'd say it's not available but I don't know if this website is up to date. If you like the exhaust very much I think it will allways be possible to remove the flange from the remus exhaust, cut the pipe to the MK2/TF size and have the flange welded on the pipe again. Shouldn't be too expensive.

Kjeld Andersen from Denmark has a Remus Exhaust on his F.

But that is an early F, not a later F or TF.

Johan Slagter

WoW, a 100% benelux thread on the uk BBS! *LOL*

For the Mk1 it looked like this:

I know, it doesn't answer your question, but couldn't resist as this is a Benelux topic ;)

Thanks guys! It looks like it was an Mk I only exhaust then... Hmm :-(

But what Sander suggests does indeed seem to be a possibility. Maybe I'll look into that.



If you decide you don't want to do the modifications I'd look into the tailpipe finishes of the MS Daytona and Phoenix which are both great exhausts. seems to be te dealer closest to you.

Keep us informed ;)

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