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MG MGF Technical - FAO Rob Bell, re gear lever length

Rob, in the MG world gearshift upgrade tests, how did you get the length of the gear lever, measured from where to where?

The measurements were carried out using the same gear knob (to get consistancy) and where measured up from either the trim up to the top of the gear knob or from the base I can not remember that bit as it was mainly Rob and Paul doing the measuring.

You can easily work out how much shorter the gearstick lengths where from the standard car by using the base measurement as guide and calculate the different lengths.

Tom Randell

Hi Paul,

the lever lengths were measured as Tom describes- from the transmission tunnel to the tip of the gear lever (headed off by a standard Momo gear knob). The pivot point was then estimated based on figures kindly provided by Mike Satur.

Frustratingly, the 'productionised' Mike Satur SSK lever length was not included on the table of dimentions- its length was slightly less than that found on the Techspeed kit, with commersuate reductions of in-gear and between gear distances. The angles of movement however were practically identical and significantly better than any other kit on the market.

Hope that fills in the gaps!

Rob Bell

Rob, when you say measured from the transmission tunnel, do you mean from the level of a straight edge placed accross the tunnel at the base of the lever,(sat on the lower section of the centre console trim around the lever)?

Exactly Paul- it was the most convenient datum point available.
Rob Bell

thanks Rob

This thread was discussed between 23/10/2001 and 28/10/2001

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