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MG MGF Technical - FAO Will Munns - An apology!


A while ago we had a discussion about the brake light switch. I was pretty vehement about it's location and it transpires that i was wrong in this regard.

Sorry for pressing the point (i was SURE i was right at the time). The switch is as you rightly said mounted under the top leg of the brake peddal.

Scarlet Fever

SF - apologising to Will doesn't help me get out from under the steering wheel nor does it recompense me for the 2 weeks I have spent upside down in my F following your instructions to find the switch.

LOL, in old times someone would draw a nice new cartoon now and host to the old cartoon site.

John P upside down in the MGF, shaking legs and shouting:
'Say anything you damn switch, so I can hear you !!'

PS. Rob ?
Dieter Koennecke

Will Munns

This thread was discussed on 01/07/2002

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