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MG MGF Technical - Fast tickover

The tick-over on my 98 1.8i has suddenly increased to above 1500 rpm. Is this a DIY job or is it likely to be the ECU? Will it lead to engine damage if I leave it for a week or two?

I would be grateful for any advice.


Try resetting the stepper motor - ignition on but engine not running depress the throttle to the floor 5 or more times rapidly then start engine and see if that has had any affect. Full details of this are in the FAQ an case I have not got it right.

Ted Newman

A variety of potential reasons for this John- but try Ted's suggestion first.

Other causes are a dirty throttle- gungy petrol deposits can stop the throttle closing properly; warped throttle body- effects the black plastic throttle body- remedy is replacement; malfunctioning throttle position sensor; sticking throttle cable- fixed by lubricating the inner cable.

If in doubt, have a chat with your dealership or an mg specialist.

Hope that helps
Rob Bell

Thanks Ted and Rob,

Depressing the throttle a few times seems to have worked. On my journey of about 17 miles to work this morning the tickover was constant at just below 900rpm.

I would like to comment that this BBS is a wonderful site, where the advice is almost instant and invariable very good. I am sure it has saved me 100s of pounds during my time of ownership and put my mind at rest a number of times.

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