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MG MGF Technical - Favourite Wheel Design?

What are the best official Rover wheels for the MGF?

Depends on your taste, but you can't go wrong with the 16" designs- be the the Abingdon style or multi-spoke.

Hate to admit it, but I know have three different designs of wheel for my F!!! LOL

Rob Bell

Have to agree, it depends on taste.

However, remember that the multispoke wheels are very difficult to clean....


My taste and wallet said:
16' of this design...
they shout for large brake disks, do they ?

Dieter Koennecke

Superb! :o)

Oh, and yes, definitely shouting for big brakes :o)

Rob Bell

I like the multi spokes myself
they are'nt hard to clean - just a little time consuming.

Biased opinion though as there on my 75LE!!

Ewan Ramage

I think it depends on the colour of the car to what wheels fit best.
I'm extremely happy with my choice of new MK2 16" as shown by Dieter on my charcoal F.
Really it is down to your own personal choice.

Tom Randell

you are all right about personal choice.

multi spokes for me i think, any body got any pics of a dark F with them fitted so i can look and dream. i'm getting fed up of just looking at them on the B&G website, i'd like to see them on a car again.

oh for a decent job

>I'm extremely happy with my choice of new MK2 16" as shown by Dieter on my charcoal F.

Tom, I've seen this rims 'live' for first time at the MGF Treffen in last year. Can't recall wether it was already at your car or at the MY2000.

Anyway, hope we can compare the look of a COB and PTS at any time.... live.

Dieter Koennecke

Hahhh ! it was you !!!!

I'm sorry for the late recall :)
Dieter Koennecke

Yep Dieter that is the back end of my car. I think Stefan has pictures of my car on his web page.


Tom Randell

I love the wheels on my abingdon. When they are clean they sparkle, not like the normal dull alloy, they really sparkle!!!

R585 ERO mmmmmm sparkly!!
Chris George

I actually prefer the look of the 15" standard wheel, but I can't fit bigger brakes with these wheels. I would go for the old 16" multispokes (sod the cleaning), but no way am I paying 3000 NLG for a set :-(.

If anyone has a second hand set let me know, Rob? :-)
Tony Smith

Can't help you with multispoke I am afraid Tony- the 16" Abby's I have came from one of the now defunct MGF Cup car race teams (the chaps who ran Priest's cars- Mel Tune).

I am sure there are others around,lying unused, but they are not going to be in the best of nick- I was lucky, and the wheels I have weren't buckled, but is something to consider when purchasing second hand wheels- look for evidence of heavy curbing.

Rob Bell

Favourite wheel is definitely the multi spoke. See B & G are doing these for 850 with Eagle F1s which people seem to think is a decent enough tyre, so am pretty tempted to go for those ...

... unless anyone knows if/when the Trophy 160 wheels will become available and/or any similar aftermarket alternatives.

BTW, is anyone interested in some VVC (5 spoke) wheels if I do decide t make the change? One is very slightly curbed; otherwise they're as good as new.



I may be interested in 2.


And I might take one as a spare, if you split them up.
Ed Clarke

This thread was discussed between 28/01/2001 and 03/02/2001

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