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MG MGF Technical - Feels like I am a bit drunk

When driving at 120 km p/h or more, I frequently get the feeling my 96-F starts to drift. This happens on straight as well as on curved roads.

I have no idea where this matter comes from. Does anyone have a clue? Would it be the Toyo Proxes that I had fitted this spring?

More likely to be high speed instability caused by a number of factors, but mainly due to the design of the front of the F nosecone. Have a look at Rob Bell's website, hold on i'll try to dig out a direct link for you...

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The basic gist is that at high speed, the F's front nosecone doesn't prevent enough air getting under the car and this causes the steering to go light.

This is a problem i have never had, mainly because my F is lowered (which does the same job) and i also do not have EPAS (which despite the fact that it is supposed to switch off at speed - still feels vague IMO). However there are numerous testamonies on this board from people who have fited splitters to thier Fs - all of them say that there is a marked improvement once this device is installed.

For a novel way of installing them have a look at Eriks website:

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Scroll to the bottom to view the finished result - looks good IMO and is something i am toying with for aesthetic reasons.


Scarlet Fever

They (nearly) All Do That Sir!

Many people have said that fitting an under bumper air splitter makes a major difference. There are several on the market, including the MGR Trophy spoiler.

Could, of course, be the tyres but I assume you have already checked the standat=rd items like pressures, ride height, wheel alignment etc
John Ponting

That damn SF got in there first again but at least we seem to agree.
John Ponting

I find that too much "sausage on a stick" does this to me, fitting a windstop greatly cuts down on "volouvons" ;-)
Will Munns

>I frequently get the feeling my 96-F starts to drift.

I think you should check technicals at first.
- right ride height
- worn bushes (rear)
- worn ball joints
- worn wheel bearings

And if all this is OK, then let do the 4-wheel track adjustment (I know they almost have 2-wheel measurement tooling in NL only).

At last if everything is fixed, but still a wobbly sterring above 230km/h then think about adding spoilers ;)
I haven't :)

PS. will you be at KEMPENRIT this weekend ? I am #54 :)
Dieter K.

Thank you all for the commenst and advice!!!

Dieter, I won't be at the Kempenrit unfortunately.

I agree with Dieter (always!). The F should be as solid as a rock on the road at 120kph with the standard factory setup.

At over 180kph the standard setup gets a bit exciting and the benefits of lowering and strange appendages on the nose are worthwhile.

Good luck

Patrick Beet

I'd always thought the front of my '96 VVC felt a bit loose at motorway speeds until I drove home from Brighton late one night (back from the South East F'ers midnight fry up). Different road - felt like a different car! I normally have to endure the M25 for the majority of my motorway miles, so maybe road surface has a lot to do with things.

Tim Jenner

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