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MG MGF Technical - few niggles

since having my car repaired after an accident there seems to be a few niggles with a few things
the steering feels light around corners and the car seems to hop?
under load the engine seems to vibrate and doesnt rev freely.
also its due for a service

Graham Martin

Sounds like it is more than a few niggles Alex. I would have a engineers report on the quality of the repair. How bad was the damage??

Nice to see an informed constructive comment from Mr Martin - Alex obviously has concerns about the quality of repair. Give him some back up rather than a stupid comment. Lets hope you are never posting for some advice in the future, as i for one will give you the same informed reply that you posted....... as Mike suggests have an independant engineer do a report sooner rather than later as if theres a fault the original repairer may say "it was fine when it left there place and youv done XXX miles - must have happened during use".
Dick Pullar


Please learn the difference between there, their, theirs and there's by first period tomorrow.

Graham Martin


I do apologise for the lame comment. I can only agree that you need an independent report and sadly may be in for a fight.

I really hope it is quickly resolved for you.


Graham Martin

thanks folks
sorted now .the ive sorted the engine problem.. i took the K&N off after the accident and didnt put the small pipe back on (silly boy) i have now modded the air box by glueing a induction tube to the bottom and sticking it through the side vent.. now it runs like a dream (itg on the cheap)
the front tyre has a small bulg on the inside that could be the handling problem.. will have some new tyres put on tommrow... oooh i do fret
the accident wasnt bad just slid the car down a wall after losin the back end..

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