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MG MGF Technical - Filler levels

What is the volume of oil (or air in my case) between min and max on the dipstick?

Hi Will,

should be 1,0 L .

Regards , Carl

Remember to check the garde of oil to what is required for yours.

Will Mobil1 be OK for 1.8i? (P reg)?

thinks might just go for complete oil change, not done one myself before...

1: run engine untill warm
2: remove sump plug and alow oil to drain into bucket
3: replace sump plug
4: remove oil filter
5: replace oil filter
6: top up with x L of oil

What am I missing? will this bugger the car?


Got to be better than what I caught them putting in my car, Texaco oil. I was amazed when they told me that they put this in all the cars they service! Never again

Yes Will - You forgot something !
As a DIY-mechanic You have the time to fill the oilfilter before it is fitted. In this way there is no oil-starvation upon first start. You will be amazed how much oil that filter soaks up ! Filling is done via the big hole in the middle of the filter,being a bit quick when fitting it ensures no oilspill.

regards , Carl.

1.1 flap up the hood at rear, remove the carpet and remove the Engine cover plate.

Never try to fill the oil through the cap beside the dipstick, but direct to the filler on the engine cam cover !!!!

Quantity is 4.5 litres including the prefill of the oil filter mentioned by Carl.

BTW if your just at the engine, than clean the plug cables and check the connection conditions of the brown coloured coolant temperature sensor plug for the front fan.(sensor is LH rear near the airfilter box). Release the secure spring, pull it off and check the look. Should be shining metal contacts and good sealed when you put it back.
Rob can tell us what it's good for ;)

Dieter Koennecke

Do you have a tourqe wrench - as you wont want to overtightn or strip the sump plug ?

Also do you have a oil filter removal tool - again essential unless you enjoy hammering a screwdriver into the filter :)

When you fit new filter - clean off the mating surfaces on the engine with a dry cloth - then smear filter gasket with new oil as this will seat the gasket properly - tighten by hand - roughly as tight as it will go - but dont force it - only by hand - maybe using a cloth for grip! - remember the gasket only has to be slighty compressed to seal!

Dont forget to fill up with new oil - run for 5 minutes - check for leaks - turn off - leave for 10 minutes and then recheck oil level!

Dont forget to replace engine oil filler cap !

This is easy stuff - but its also easy to forget to replace essential bolts / nuts - ie sump plug hehehee!

Been there - done that !

Why should you not use the oil filler that is provided?
T Green

The filler tube is long and small, filling the oil will take a long time.


On my car, I always use the oil filler when doing an oild change. I takes 5 min to fill 4 liters. Removing the engine cover plate isn't worth the hassle.
I suppose I 'm just lucky, because everybody else reported much longer times to fill throught the oil filler.

>fill throught the oil filler.
Dooh, Fabrice you seam to have a lot of free time ;)

The pipe is only 4mm or 5mm diameter and app 20cm long !!. Pouring to quick results in an overflow through the dipstick hole.

No, nothing for me ;)
Dieter Koennecke

That's strange ! I'm confused.
but I did it already 4 times at 20, 30, 40 and 50 K km
it really doesn't take much more than 5 minutes on my car ...

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