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MG MGF Technical - First mod. on the MGTF...

Hi all,
Shame on me - but I think I have the first modification on the mgtf :) . Take a ny picture that shows the car from the front or slightly offset to the front. Print it out in black and white. Take a black filt-pen and "delete" the 2 bars going from either side of the MG-badge. Imagine both lower and upper air-intake with a stainless steel net that brightens up a bit... What do You think ? Hopefully those 2 bars are easily removed and not an integral part of the front section mould.

Regards , Carl.

Carl, I should imagine that its a one piece moulding, certainly I didn't see a join when I was looking at it yesterday and I did get up quite close!

It would have to be a hacksaw & file job to do what you are suggesting!

Steve Childs

Don't remember anyone wanting to take a hacksaw to the old F's nose! Looks like the TF could be the automotive equivalent of Cher at this rate.

I rest my case...
David Bainbridge

Well, I for one wouldn't take a hacksaw near the TF, I like those two bars just the way they are! I was only proposing a solution to Carl's idea. ;)

Steve Childs


Your design sounds like an improvement, but if it requires a new moulding, it might as well have rounded corners to the opening. The sharp angle cutout looks like the results of a kid carving a Jack O’ Lantern.

Overall it still looks good, better than the X80, but it appears the reason for this styling change was to prepare the public for the look of the X80 where the Mangusta’s radiator structure limited the designer.

The Dodge guys are going to be upset that MG Rover is coping their styling clues and may sue. Daimler Chrysler has sued GM because the Hummer 2 grill looks like the traditional Jeep grill. They lost, but MG Rover doesn’t have the money to throw at lawsuits. BTW if you don’t like the Dodge bars on this car, wait until you see the ones for the next ZT! Clearly the new designer either worked for Dodge or wishes he did. Rather than calling it the MGTF they should have called it MG Dodge-copycat and the X80 can be the MG Dodge-wannabe.

Speaking of names, maybe the grill should be the second modification and switching the letters of the name should be first. Calling the new version the MGFt would be better.
George Champion

Hi all,
as usual taste differs - and so it should be ! But to me those "Dodge bars" are plain ugly. (thanks for giving the history and name George !) Haven´t we seen them before on mid 80´s jap-crap as well as on some Opel thingy ? The rest of the styling exercise is OK to me, it will probably be accepted with time. But no MG heritage in that nose... Just wonder how much of the front and rear openings that are covered with mesh in such a way that no interials will be shining thru.

Regards , Carl.

Just 'ordered' Carls tuning at our german web graphics speciallist.
Watch this space. Picture link to follow.

Like this mad
Dieter Koennecke

Hi all,

Mani on the german BBS has made a excellent picture of how i would like the front to look like !
Take a look at :

Hope this link works OK , at least no probs. here.
What do You think about the mod. ?

regards , Carl.

Hi Carl

The link doesn't seem to work from here (CH)

Any ideas??

Stefan Gibney

Hmmm, messing about with the link I found this!!

Stefan Gibney

Sorry Carl I get a 404..
Tony Smith

Got already removed.

Tony, will you please put them temporary to the site if I email them to the above account ?
Have no FTP access until this weekend.
DOOH ! my laptop died again :( --> $$$

Stefan, this is a nice one, is it. Only nearly proud ... ;)


Dieter Koennecke

*g* Laptop fixed itself.

Here we are.
Idea from Carl. To MG T'C' faked by Mani K.

Dieter Koennecke

Sorry I've lost track who is responsible for this - but its so much, much better than MGR's attempt.

Love the MGTF loads - apart from the bit between the headlights - it looked crap on the X80 and it looks crap on the TF.

I can see some steady busines for Mike Satur here.

(no, I won't be selling)


Carl - I couldn't agree with you more. The bars between the lights look very bland.

The modified picture shows a more individual look and in my opinion a more evolved look from the current F.

Neil Stothert

While the mod of Carl let the car look like a Ferrari 550 barchetta (bit of imagination), I couldn't find a hecksaw, so i used some filler... and look the car turns into an MX-5/Miata.


I think Carls attempt looks a lot better than the original too. With the mx-5 version I'd be worried about cutting off an air supply to the rad.

Stefan Gibney

Both Carls and Eriks mods look a lot better although Eriks will cause some cooling problems.

Go on Carl send the picture to MGR!! There may still be time.

Spyros Papageorghiou

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