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MG MGF Technical - Fitting A/C


Got a silly question, someone locally to me is selling a A/C unit for 150 are they difficult to install into TF160??


M D Walton

Mike Satur used to offer an A/C upgrade in the early days of the F and also think that Rover offered it as an upgrade.

However I am not sure about buying a second hand unit. If they are not used regularly they die. How long as this one been sitting around?

Has it got all the plastic bits for the passenger footwell


Patrick Beet

mgtf 150 quid only for the whole stuff ?
Ooops, I think I must revise my huge second hand price ;)

Difficult to install, indeed.
Lots of wir
Dieter Koennecke

Definitely in the category of 'a challenge.' There's alot of parts to fit - extra cooling fan for the rad, refridgerant radiator, pipe work, heat exchanger, electrics, compressor (this will be an engine-out job).

So, assuming that your 150 quid covers all the necessary parts, you'll be looking at a suitably huge labour bill to get it fitted (if you do not do the job yourself).
Rob Bell

And dont forget the modified ECU that controls the fans including the extra one - wouldn't be surprised if that ECU alone cost 150.00!

Ted Newman


The words "bugger that" spring to mind.

Oh well just wondered if it was a simple install.

Anyone want the tel number for spares??

M D Walton


I thought the ECU is not involved at the older cars, but only additional wiring ?

IMO two different ECU only. One for 1.8i and the other for VVC. I recall selling the wreck's ECU to Luc and mine was from a car with A/C.

BTW. I still keep the A/C relay and mainrelay on my workdesk to check whether they are equal or not.
Another never ending story.
Dieter Koennecke

This thread was discussed between 12/08/2002 and 13/08/2002

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