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MG MGF Technical - Fitting ABS

I have an F without the above and want to know if it is possible to fit, how easy this is and the approx. cost.

Can anyone help?


N Platt

Cheaper to sell your car and buy one with ABS.
No one has done it (here), it would require adding sensors on all the wheels and a pump unit under the bonnet and hoses and wireing, certainly not technically impossible, just hugely expensive.
Will Munns

Possible - yes

Cost - Arms, Legs and a few other bits and bobs.

Seriously though - trade in for another car if you must have ABS.

Ted Newman

Having just bought the car, I'm not getting rid of it!!

Looks like I'll have to work on my progressive braking and dabbing technique!

Cheers anyway...

N Platt

>Looks like I'll have to work on my progressive braking and dabbing technique!
There are a good selection of brake upgrades available for the F, if you don't think the current system is up to the job, but I find the standard brakes fine, just keep to the general rules about not brakeing on bends, leaving enough room etc. and you'll be fine.

Will Munns

Recall asking a similar question back in 1996 and getting the same reply! Subsequently frightened myself in the wet on NCT3's, so have rejected some very good MGF's in my current MGF search entirely on the basis of no ABS.

However, a couple of thoughts occur to me.

The first is that assuming somebody really cannot replace the car and is prepared to accept the cost, is there any company body out there who would fit ABS to a non-ABS car (bearing in mind that I think Will has understated the complexity - new master cylinder as well?)?

The other is how much influence do the tyres play in non-ABS braking performance in the wet? I never used anything other than NCT's and, like I say, I found that even moderately heavy braking in the wet would produce skidding, even if I was cool enough (and lets face it, it takes a lot to be CONSISTANTLY cool in an emergency stop situation). In retrospect, I wonder if the NCT 'lets go' earlier than some other tyre types. If that is the case, than would tyre choice for non-ABS cars may do something to redress the balance?

Chris Reeves

>... frightened ... in the wet on NCT3's
Don't even bother trying to search the archives for this phrase, you will get a million threads all with one or two people saying that NCT3's are fine, and 100 other people saying that in the wet they are leathal.

Will Munns

Get some Goodyear Eagle F1's - they're excellent in the wet. Never had a problem with them despite some fairly hard driving.

>> is there any company body out there who would fit ABS to a non-ABS car<<

Well if you are serious, and are prepared to pay how ever much it would cost to fit it, then Mike Satur or Techspeed would certainly do the work for you.
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 28/02/2003

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