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MG MGF Technical - Fitting Electric Mirrors


Having waited 4 weeks for Rover to fail to supply me with a 110 quid single manual drivers mirror I've given up and now have a 200 quid Brown & Gammons electric mirror kit. This will be the first time I've done anything to my S reg VVC apart from put petrol in it so I'm after some advice that fills in the gaps in the instructions. Excuse me if some of my questions are a bit basic! Hope you can help.

I've found the page at that tells me how to remove the door trim panels and speakers, it looks quite do-able but let me know if there are any gotchas.

The instructions then just say "fit electric mirrors", will it be obvious how to take the old ones off and put the new ones on?

The wiring part of the instructions doesn't make much sense at the moment, I hope it does once I get that far! The bits that look confusing are:
-- "attach the earth eyelet to an appropriate earth point" - what's appropriate?
-- "connect to a spare connector in the passenger compartment fusebox" - i can't find a passenger compartment fusebox, just the one beneath the steering wheel on the drivers side, where is it?

I have a replacement black plastic surround for the instrument panel that includes a hole for the mirror switch next to the rheostat. Do I detach the old one using just the two screws I've located in the very bottom corners of this part or is it attached elsewhere?

Many thanks for your help!


kirsty darbyshire


not the easiest works but not impossible.
Richard Eatons site is very good as instruction for the door trim panel removement. The 'gotcha' willl be that you break some of the plastic rivets, though can be replaced later if MGR has learned for new how to supply spares.

Appropriate earth points can be fond at any bolt of the door. Depending on the suplied wire length and attached crimp connector eyelet of the earth wire I would lead this through the door into the car and mount just RH or LH below the outer edge of the dash. There are already earth bolts. M6 if I recall right.

With spare connector at ther fuse board is for sure meaned one of the three free 6.3mm spade connectors app. in the centre of the board. I think the right is marked as #3 and this one is powerde under ignition on.

This passenger compartment fuse box is indeed the one you meaned. Did you ever look up the cars instruction manual ?

Take care on the condition of the doors plastic shredder when you work at the upper area. The existing mirror heater plug is located behind the shredder. Attach the plastic back with double stickies.

Due to the mirror switch. I'm afraid but can't understand what you mean.

HTH a little.


Dieter Koennecke

*g*, just looked up the files for the mirror instructions.
Dooh ! I miss them. :(

Would be great if you could send them by fax for the webside +49 89 2443 42636.
Or email if possible to (max. 2Mb)
Dieter Koennecke

Thanks, that's a help.

I was reading "passenger compartment fusebox" to mean in the passenger seat part of the car rather than the driver's seat part of the car.... d'oh ;-) It means that one rather than the one under the bonnet doesn't it.... I understand now! I thought that must be what was meant, I was just misreading.

kirsty darbyshire

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