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MG MGF Technical - Fitting gear gaiter?!?!?

Does anyone know to properly fit a new gear gaiter?

Ive unscrewed the gear knob and pulled out the original (worn) one. But fitting the new one is proving difficult.

Theres a clip for it to go under but it wont go in! and does seem to fit properly. Do you have to remove trim on the dash surround to fit this properly?

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Hello Ian
I changed mine a couple of months ago i have a mk2 F and i just fiddled with it until it went in mind u i heard a click noise when it got in place and no i did not remove the console surround dont know if u have a mk1 or 2 or there is a diff between the two any others
Luis :)
Luis Pereira


I have done that now... very fiddly job. I wont be changing it in a hurry.

I think it looks so much better, with a thingy that stops the gaiter from slipping down, like the original did.


This thread was discussed on 25/03/2003

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