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MG MGF Technical - Fitting heated rear screen switch and relay

Having sorted out my cars immobiliser problems - I have found the card listing the codes etc., I am now trying to fit the new hardtops heated rear window switch and relay. I remember reading somewhere that the hrw wiring is all in place you just have to connect the parts into the circuitry. I have located the wiring connections behind the left hand side seat for the rear screen. Can anyone tell me where the connections are behind the centre console and how to get at them.
My car is a March '96 1.8i model.
Any advice gratefully received
D Askew

We just fitted the rear demister switch and relay
the switch wiring is in the consol by the electric window switches.
the relay base is located on the right hand side of the steering wheel you will need to get the relay and plug it in

also i think the wiring loom has a plug connection behind the passangers seat we did not have a problem with that connection as it was connected

Many thanks for the info from down under!I will have a go at it tomorrow, in between watching the rugby world cup matches.
D Askew

Read the comment on fitting rear heater window switch & relay i am a new member & still confused, i have a MG TF 115 54reg hardtops fitted as is the switch where's the relay? is there one? & exactly where does it go. Thanks in addvance.
Rog da dodge

Hi Rog da dodge,

It plugs into the fuse box, which is below the steering wheel.
Sam Murray

>It plugs into the fuse box, which is below the steering wheel.

TF115 54reg might be different.
Do you have the VIN number to hand ?

I have found the switch and hardtop connections, I presume the square black relay in the fuse panel just above the fuses is the HRW relay. I have now sorted out the immobiliser and can start the engine, all I have to do now is get the remote central locking fob to work. Can anyone tell me what the electronic box in between the seats at shoulder height does as mine has a black/white striped wire disconnected? Oh I forgot I have a water leak somwhere around the drivers (RHD) side of the engine low down - think it might be the water pump or thermostat housing!
I shall be glad to get my MGB on the road again!!
D Askew

On a 96 F you will find that the Relay goes into a flying lead with the socket on which is taped up behind the fuse box (on the inner wheel arch), not into the fuse box itself. The relay is not provided as standard (and the standard MG Rover relay is usually yellow) but is normally purchased with the switch as part of a Hardtop Connection Kit.

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