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MG MGF Technical - Fitting HT leads on a VVC

This weekend's job is fitting a K&N and changing the HT leads. The K&N is a doddle. I can see the plug ends of the HT leads but where do the other ends go?
They seem to disappear under the inlet manifold to somewhere in the bowels of hell.
Help! Has anyone done this, how much engine stripping is necessary?

By the way, the old airbox was not connected to the resonance chamber. Probably poor assembly by my dealer after a manifold repair.

Brian H

Hi Brian,

Well it's very easy, you need to remove the engine cover with the ten screws. Then you'll see a strip of metal on the engine between the cams with two screws. Underneath this strip are the spark plugs so it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to change the lot.It's all very straight forward

Cheers Marten


I recently changed the HT leads on my VVC and found it necessary to removed my K&N from the throttle body just so I could get my hand down to the leads to remove and fit them in the various guides along their route. If you look through the service access thingy in the boot and down below the inlet manifold you should see where the four leads attach. I found it easier to put the F on ramps and push the new leads on from under the car. Basically though I found the whole job a lot more difficult than perhaps it needs to be on the VVC, there is just so little remove to get in there and push the leads into the various guides, it can be done but it's just one of those jobs that takes longer than it should. Good luck. :)
Paul Lathwell

Thanks for the advice. Armed with it I fitted the leads in just over an hour this morning.
Advice to anyone tackling this job:
Raise the car 150mm on blocks as there is some access to the coils from below
Change the leads one at a time as the coils are not in the same order as the plugs and could get mixed up
Do not expect to be able to refit the cables into all the guide clips - it's impossible.

Now to fit the K&N and try the car

Brian H

I didn't actually find it necessary to lift the car at all when I changed the leads, but it did take a bit longer than perhaps it should have. I did change the leads before I fitted the K&N though.

perhaps this could be added to the scripts I sent you for changing leads as advice. The other bits are already covered.

David Mills


I managed (with a lot of swearing) to get all the leads back in the guides in all but the lower guide under the inlet manifold.


Your comments are noted mate - I do intend to use all the great info you sent me in the FAQ, just a case of finding the time etc. Although with all this good weather we've been having lately this is also holding me up - can you blame me? ;-)
Paul Lathwell

... easy job no need to raise the car u can access everything via the engine bay grill and with the engine cover off. Hardest part ... getting the leads into the guide clips and remembering which order the leads fitted on the coil. It is also a good idea to give the coil a clean.


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