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MG MGF Technical - Fitting LHD headlights

I am moving to Sweden next month for a period of 12 months and I need to convert the headlights on my MGF trophy. I don't really want to use the masking method as wild life on the road at night is a real problem, especially moose. I have inquired about a set of LHD headlamps, I was quoted for the complete assembly, which was expensive. Does anybody know where I could get some second hand? Also, do I have to replace the whole assembly, or is it possible to replace just the lenses?

MGF Centre to LHD to RHD so they may well have the assemblies you need or try one of the other specialist. Mike Satur et al...
tim woolcott

Might be possible to replace just the lenses Mark. Try one of the specialist autobreakers who import wrecks from the continent - the MGF Centre is one ;o)
Rob Bell

A thought - possibly easier to find a breakers in Sweden?

Any Swedish BBSers who can advise?

Cue for Carl........

Hi Mark

Just found this on martin Woods Page, might be worth a call.....

MGF Continental Headlamps Hardly used. 50 plus postage or buyer collects
Tel.01202 526913 or 07789 968544 Bournemouth
Enjoying MG magazine Feb 2003



Good price IMO, would recommend.
btw, if anybody likes to move 'reverse' from the continent to the RHD Islands.
I have an address from someone with RHD headlight 4sale. (DE located)
Ebay is another option. Several for sale recently going on frequently.
Dieter K.

Thanks for spotting that Cyril. I gave him a ring, but they had already been sold.

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