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MG MGF Technical - Fitting New Steering Wheel

I have purchased a new steering wheel and would like to fit it myself.

Can someone tell me the safe way of removing the air bag assembly, I believe disconnecting the battery for half an hour discharges the system,but I would like to have some correct advice please.



Dieter Koennecke

Thanks Dieter :)

Dieter, I wish I had know about your site when I changed my wheel to a wooden one!

The only thing I would add to Diter's instructions is to drive the car before you refit the airbag. I found it impossible to align the steering when by eye and a drive showed you which direction to adjust.



Once again Dieter's site comes to the rescue!
It is interesting about disconnecting battery and waiting for the airbag system to discharge. When I was having problems with my EPAS and regularly visiting Rover dealers they never once disconnected the battery before pulling off the steering wheel!
Jason H
Jason H

This thread was discussed between 23/05/2002 and 24/05/2002

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