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MG MGF Technical - fitting volumetric alarm sensor

I bought a volumetric alarm (part number YWC000690) to fit in my TF.

when I was fitting it I have a great doubt:
how to fit: towards where the arrow (arrow is printed in label on alarm) have to point? towards sky or towards ground?
I think this is very important but I don't know how fit it. I looked for it in wharkshop manual but I have found no help. I look for it in but the picture show a fitted volumetric alarm different from mine (it has no label and it has connection in a corner and my sensor has it in a different corner (I can rotate my sensor in every direction but there is always different connection point))

I fitted it but I think the direction of arrow is very important. Maybe my sensor doesn't work well if I fit in wrong way.

thanks to you.

Pictures about volumetric sensor:

not fitted:

fitted (different part):

//sorry for my english.

Keep in mind, the pix relate to MK1 MGF (1997 and earlier).

PS. I'd be happy speaking any italian sentence, though. Don't worry, this is the best place to learning english (kind of english, of course) :)
Dieter K.

Sorry Dieter,
I forgot you said this some months ago.

Well, I know the picture show an older sensor version now. Do you (you and all other people) know if I have to fit volumetric sensor "arrow-up" or "arrow-down"?


Not sure if this is going to help you cnerone, but this is a picture of how my Volumetric sensor is fitted:

>> <<

It doesn't show the arrow you mentioned, but i can tell you that the blue plug fits in the top right of the sensor - i think that this means that it can only be fitted one way round (if it is the wrong way up, then the plug will be at the bottom left).

Hope this helps.

Scarlet Fever

Not sure if this will help, but it's the best picture I have of the sensor on my 2001 MGF:
David Clelland

Yep, I think the circular direction is anyway.

See the old one from inside. (front and sensor direction)
(Kind of capacitor *aerial*)

And the shielded electronics modul on the rear.
Dieter K.

on sensor there is a writing ">ABS<", if mounted as David done I view this writing turned over. Maybe it means this is incorrect fitting direction?


My bet is that the arrow should point down. The sensor should detect movement on the seats and in the centre glove box. If you point it up then the alarm will be triggered by people and vehicles which pass by.

ABS is the type of plastic that the box is made of (I suspect)!!

Bruce Caldwell

Agree with Bruce. If you look closely at my picture You can see that the arrow on the label points.
David Clelland

David, jad you fit volumetric sensor or you bought car with volumetric sensor fitted by MGRover? (had you or more qualified people fit volumetric sensor in your car?)

Sorry, as with all 1.8 models in Britain my car came with the sensor fitted.
David Clelland

so the pic show how MGRover workers fit it in mgtf before car goes to sellers shops!
Ok, thanks you David

This thread was discussed between 05/11/2003 and 08/11/2003

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