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MG MGF Technical - fitting X-power springs

I'll soon fit X-power springs to my TF.
Any tips / instructions ?
(I only have the F workshop manual...)

Fabrice, the TF workshop manual in French is on the web somewhere to download... :o)

Do you have spring compressors etc to do the job?
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,
yes, I have (rather I will have borrowed) spring compressors.

Do you know where I should look for that pdf on the wide wide web ?


Found it Fabrice:

Be careful with the springs: there really is a massive amount of energy stored in them, and they'll cause a bad injury if the compressors slip :o(
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob !
that's great !
I didn't know this website....
It's a nice one, and as an extra, I now have the K16 manual in French instead of in English ;o)
+ the PG1 manual, although I doubt I'll try to open my gearbox...
I'll wear a helmet when compressing the springs ;o)

Yes, good safety point Rob.!

I had that happen to me many years ago when I worked on my 1974 Mitsubishi LA Lancer. Small car but boy, did that spring pack some force.
The 2 compressors slid together and the spring ended up looking like a horse shoe shape.

No injuries, thank goodness.



Have the springs arrived yet?

David Grant

Hi David !
Yes, they arrived yesterday, that was quick delivery thanks ;o))
I was just going to tell it to you by email....

I am now moving in a new house, so I'll have to wait 3-4 weeks before fitting the springs :-(
I suppose I'll see how they fit when dismantling the old ones, I mean front-rear and esp top-bottom ?
BTW, in the TF workshop manual, it's talk about a vice (? translation ?) ("étau") and not spring compressors, since the damper/spring combo comes off together ...


Humm, anyone who has fitted those springs knows if the rear tyres worns in an abnormal way?

Anyone with a high milleage with them?

And more, the part item is MGR0005? The local dealer in Valencia, denies that those springs are original parts, and when I demonstrate them entering by the MGR british web site, said they're only local items. Stefane an Fabrice prove they're not or had them command to Xpower directly by web?

Finally, anyone has the XPower induction kit fitted?

The part number is MGRO0748? Is much more noisy than the original air filter?

Uffff, my hair has begun to become white!!!!!!!

Tx, as always.

I first tried to order these springs through my dealer. As he didn't found this kit in his catalogue, I bought it second hand from David... So I can't help you, I don't know if they can be obtained from a dealer out of UK.

B&G stock the X-Power springs - see
Rob Bell

Tx to both. No information about XPower induction kit?

Jose V.

Induction kit appears to be available through the Janspeed website -

Looking at the site, I think that you'll probably need to contact them [Janspeed] directly to ask about the TF induction kit.

Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 13/04/2005 and 19/04/2005

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