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MG MGF Technical - Flat battery what now

My F has a flat battery I have it on charge now. It has been flat about 3 days.

Is there any thing I need to know before I start up after charging???????

thanks mac

Nope, Connect +ve to battery, -ve to car body away from battery - disconnect in reverse order. The usual stuff.

Will Munns

You'll also need to resync the remote key fobs. Just keep pressing lock until the car does, then unlock and lock to check it works.

Tim Jenner

Yep, normally takes 4 presses of the button to do so.

Does the car spend a lot of time stationary in your garage? If so i recommend a battery conditioner from B+G. It is a simple battery charger, but it allows the battery to partially discharge (always maintaining enough to start the car) and then charge to full in cycles (like the alternator does in the car when it is running). Anyway, this allows you to simply plug the car in and forget about it. It'll always have enough charge start and the battery won't be damaged by the charging process.

Scarlet Fever

Thanks for that.

I have been using the Bossews car for a week and the F was in the garage for 4 days with door not shut fully so the Battary ran down.


Be prepared to replace the battery. If it has been fully discharged then it may be permanently dead.


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