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MG MGF Technical - Flickering brake lights

Hi all

I have a flickering brake light problem. I'm not sure if its related to low pads or something at "the busines end" of things or around the pedal. But a clue may be that the light on the dash, its illumination normally the preserve of "you've left the handbrake on, divvy", which flickers intermittently too.

I had presumed it was brake pads or whatever but i was told by a following friend that my lights were flickering.

Any ideas?

No such sophistication with the *F* as low pads warning!

What you have is the old 'dodgy switch' syndrome. If it is an old *F* then it just a matter of reaching under the dash by the brake pedal and yanking the plunger up - it will reset itself the first time you use them.

Ted Newman

It's not the brake switch plunger.

press down on your handbrake does the light go out?
Does it flicker as you go over bumps?

you need to get the handbrake adjusted to cure this it's the switch there making contact as you drive around.


Ted, Matt,

I'm afraid you're both right! Julian's F must have both diseases .....

1 - flickering dashboard light => hand brake adjustement needed
2 - flickering brake light => brake pedal plunger

Both can be fixed easily (I had this fixed a long time ago, it never came back)


Isn't there (not going out to the carpark to check...) a brake fluid low sensor (float) on the master cylinder . If its like "most cars I've dealt with" it'll put the same warning light on as the handbrake...



Just noticed your comment about the dashboard light. Does anybody know what's involved with adjusting the handbrake? My lever sort off "bounces" as you try and take it off, when you try and put the lever to fully closed it seems to "come back up" about 5mm and the handbrake light comes on the dashboard. Had the dealer look at it at 3000m service and they seemed to have fixed it for a while... anyone any ideas if it is a quick and easy fix? If you hold the lever for about 30 secs - 1 min it will eventually stay off.



Morning again

thanks for all the comments.

Both problems - yes, Jerome you could well be right. The dash light problem has been with me (and getting worse) for some time - and the brake light problem - as far as i know - only a short while.

I will try the brake light fix at lunchtime.

The handbrake problem description sounds like it fits with mine too. It used to be that it would flicker on over bumps, then bumps & corners, and now most of the time at will. bah!

I was wrong yesterday when I said that the dash light came on with the brake lights. I checked yesterday and they are independant. Could have been a bit of a red herring - sorry!

So - can I adjust the handbrake myself?


Good luck for the plunger reset (it's a little bit tricky to access)

I don't really know about a DIY handbrake adjustement as the problem was fixed FOC by the dealer.
Nevertheless, I'm sure at least someone here on the BBS already did it and can advise (Dieter ?)


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