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MG MGF Technical - Flooded F

Today was the first time ever that my F let me down.
I hadn't used it for a couple of days and the engine was dripping with rain and condensation, but the b@gger wouldn't start. It turned over OK as usual but only fired on the odd turn before, judging by the smell, flooding. Finally started about 30minutes ago.
It's a VVC, any tips of starting it when it's flooded, foot to the floor, leave it 5 mins etc?
Richard P

Rich - see the 'Damp Starting Problems' thread also posted today. There's a link to Rob Bell's website which will give you all the info you need.

Jim Hosking

Cheers Jim, don't know how I missed that :-O
Richard P


OK, I know the cause and solutions, but what about when it's flooded?
Is it best left 15 mins, or putting pedal to the floor?
Cheers Rich
Richard P

Either pull the fuse for the fuel pump or tap the fuel cut-off switch untill it pops open.
Then crank, it will catch, then die

Then replace fuse or press reset button on cut-off switch.
Switch on ignition, wait for the fuel pump to prime correctly and then crank.
Will Munns

Cheers Will,
Hopefully won't need to, but you never know.
Richard P

Richard, had same problem with my VVC a few years back, as Will advises pull the pump fuse ( 2nd from end I think) a few cranks, pop it back in and bingo it fires. For info the battery was on the way out, it may be woth checking your is Ok so you don't get a repeat in cold weather. Mine's a very early VVC with a high milage 7 years old this week but I love it as much as I did 7 years ago.

Terry and P323XJR

This thread was discussed between 23/12/2003 and 24/12/2003

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