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MG MGF Technical - Fluid Leak


I've noticed the last two times I've stopped my car there seems to be a rather worrying fluid leak on the road next to my passenger side front tyre. Any ideas what this could be?

I've checked the brake fluid level and the water level and these both seem ok...but maybe the pot of fluid towards the rear of the bonnet comparment could be a bit low. Is this for the power steering?

Any suggestions of where to look on the car for the leak as I can't see anything easily.


Dan Wavell

Hi Dan,

The reservoir I think you're referring to is for the clutch hydraulics, but there's little chance of that being the source. The sniff test can often give a clue as to what the fluid is, and if you drop some white kitchen roll onto it any tint of colour may give further clues. Is the ride height equal side-to-side?

Dig out the deerstalker hat & pipe and happy sleuthing ;o)
Mike Hankin

Do you have air conditioning? Does the dropped fluid stain the floor?

The PAS is electronic so there is no fluid but the container is for the brake fluid so if itís low then it needs to be topped up anyway.
C Tideswell


Nope, no air con...and the leak was last night and now that it's dried up / been washed away there is no stain.

Have just taken it for a quick spin and there has been no more leaking and the gap between the top of the tyre and the wheel arch is the same on both sides.

I've just had the lower suspension ball replaced as part of the MOT and it has to go in tomorrow for a final re-test having now replaced the headlights. So will mention it then and see what they think..

Thanks for your help...deerstalker packed away again for a while now I think.
Dan Wavell

Well, no sign of any leak today and nothing noted at the garage! I must have imagined it!
Dan Wavell

Sounds like MGF induced paranoia setting in Dan :)
Steve P

You could be right there....brought on by the aching of my wallet during the mot process!
Dan Wavell

Had it been raining in the day preceding the fluid leak? Just a thought but I had blocked drainage holes in my offside sill which meant it filled with water - It did manage to seep out near to my front tyre - I kept noticing a damp patch by the front wheel for a day or two after it had rained... I cleaned out the drain holes and that cured it.
Mark Clayton

I like that suggestion Mark, and yes I think it had been raining....I have also just taken the bumper off the car to fix new headlights...wonder if I could've put back something slightly wrong to cause a blockage!

where are the drainage wholes?
Dan Wavell

There are two in each sill - Located at the jacking points - I used a thin screwdriver to unblock them (difficult to spot them at first but they are right in the centre of the jacking point - a slit rather that a round hole). The other place I noticed water was getting trapped was underneath the front wheel arch liner, where it meets the sill. I found a slug of mud on each side of the car at this point, again slowing down drainage. (rain works its way to this point via the gap between the door & the wing)
Mark Clayton

I agree with Mark that its the sill drain holes/s blocked at the front.....

G. M Leonard

Ah ha....useful pic, thanks! Will take to with with a flat screwdriver in a little bit.

Thanks again!
Dan Wavell

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