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MG MGF Technical - Fog Lamp Use

Following on from the thread regarding the installation
of fogs on the 'F....

There seems to be a current trend for drivers of most cars
to be using their fog lamps even when conditions /
visibility is "normal".

The (very!)few times I've used mine (night / dark lanes
with no street lighting) I've had immediate responses
from other drivers I meet/pass either :

a. Turning on their rear fogs
b. Flashing headlights

At first I thought it may have been badly adjusted aim,
but it appears that they are set ok .... so I can only
assume it's an indication from other drivers that I
shouldn't be using them in those conditions - which by
the way I totally agree with !!!

Does anyone else notice these responses when using fogs
in good conditions ??

.. and what are peoples thought on there general use ??


P829 JOK
Pete Weatherill


As far as I'm aware to use either front or rear fog lights when visibility is greater than 100m is illegal.

I hate the posing gits who drive with front fog lights and side lights on.


Front fog lamps are designed to give a good low spread of light under the fog. You cannot see cars coming towards you until they are close if they have the front fog lights on with no head lights and then can be dazeled by the wider beam spread. Head lights are aimed over to the kerb, fog lamps are not (please feel free to post the exceptions to prove this rule).

Fog ligths are so called because they are to be used in fog. The low beam cut under the fog illuminating the road whilst eliminating the glare as light is reflected back from the fog which you get with head lights.

So a puzzle for you..

With the Rover optional front fog light kit fitted (profesionaly) to your MG f you can use your front fog lights with side lights only, but if used correctly(ie in fog) you risk a rear end shunt because you cannot have your rear fog lights on unless you have your head lights on, clever idea Rover. (yes ok this afflicts Fords and other makes as well)

Anyway, nothing personal, I'm sure your a nice bloke, so please don't join the ranks of those who drive around with front fog lights on when it is not foggy.


Ah! this brings me on to another pet hate.

Fog lights (rear) on in the wet.

We used to get public service info. ads on the telly telling us not to do this and other things (like 'dip don't dazzle') and I think its about time they brought those back. Keep it bright, keep it clean...

Oh - I wish I'd brought me brolly....

>Fog lights (rear) on in the wet.

It's terrible when such a bunch of idiots are driving in front of you. Do they really think we can't see them. When they hit the brakes, you can hardly see the difference.


A collegue of mine has just bought a Carrera 4, and he cannot put the rear fogs on without the front ones being on first....


It is illegal to use fogs under normal driving conditions. If you get pulled over there can be an on the spot fine, though how much I don't know. The M40 seems to be a good place to spot these idiots. Especially good when they have tinted brake lights aswell!
John Freeman

They are called fog lights. I would have thought this name is a pretty good indication of when they should be used.

Those who use them when it is not foggy clearly want to advertise to everyone how very stupid they are and their sexual self sufficiency.

Just my usual mild mannered observation!



A small addition to my earlier posting:

I've got no problems with them who are using their fogs on a clearly day/night, when they are driving at a higher speed (in comparison to the rest of the cars).
It attracts the attention of the others, and this increases the safety on the road. But it's very confusing when one third of the cars behind you are driving with their fogs on, and nothing is passing you.
What do you they want??? It's like they are saying "Hey, everyone, I am here and I am staying here..."

Using fogs on a clear day/night on a secondairy road (one lane up, one lane down) has no use/profit IMO.

IF we are driving in the fastest lane (Europe: left, UK: right) when using our indicator (leftside indicator on the continent, righthand indicator for the UK), we want to say: "Hey here am I, and take notice that I prefer to move with a high(er) speed". It's no action to say "OK, I am driving here and I keep driving in this lane".


On my MGF mkII the fog lights only come on with dipped headlights. They will not come on with side lights.

Got in a mates car a little while ago, his girlfriend said "Whats that green light thing for" "Fogs" he replied.
When asked why he had them on, he replied
"Cos it's a BMW"
Nuff said.

This thread was discussed between 10/10/1999 and 23/10/1999

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