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MG MGF Technical - Fog lamps in front grille?

I saw somewhere a pic of a MGF with two large lights across the front grille. I found that a smart way to do it without carving holes in the front bumper. Do any of you people have seen that car or know how to do it?. Could that fogs block the air entrance to the radiator?
Greg Cooper

I fitted two small fog lights behind the grill. Easily done. No problems with the rad.
Any use when foggy? Nope! But then to be fair I have had proper fogs on previous cars and thought the same.
IMO does look cool when I flash (the car) 6 lights ;-)
Richard P

If you have a pic Richard it would be most useful?. Where did you fix lights?
Did you connected the front to the rear fogs key or you got a separate one? Greg
G Cooper

You have mail. They were fitted to a strip of bars that were then fitted to the back of the crash bar(?). The flat strong metal bumper behind the plastic bumper. They were wired to a front fog switch, via a relay,
Richard P


>>> with two large lights across the front grille <<<

There's a chance you are referring to the driving lamps which were provided by SP (Steve Palmer) ages ago.


>strip of bars<
should read a strip of bar

My email bounced back, is that address correct?
Richard P

Has anybody looked at using the Elise Spotlights/Driving lights. e.g. On the elise they fit behind a piece of glass/plastic built in to the grill, but I am sure that with the use of the correct bolds thay could be made to fit behind the F's grill.
Steve Ratledge

I would also be interested in seeing any photos people might have. I would hate to cut a hole in the bumper and I would assume that a standard pair of fog lights would be cheaper than the MGR one's.
T Graveling

Count me in. I would also love to see in the net a few pics of lights placed in the front lower grille. Please do so. Lamps from the Elise? Great idea. Mike
Mike V

You'll probably need to consult the official regulations on this, but I suspect that any lamps situated in the grilles would *have* to be a driving light, as fog lamps have to be a specified distance from the corners of the car and a specified height above the ground.

I knew someone (Mr Ladybird for those who remember) who had driving lights fitted in the lower grille. Looked very smart indeed. :o) I wonder if I have any photos anywhere? If I get a chance, I'll see if I can look them up over the weekend...
Rob Bell

could this solution be fitted to help/ aid the poor main beam dipped headlights that are fitted?

>> could this solution be fitted to help/ aid the poor main beam dipped headlights that are fitted? <<

The answer to that Mike is simple: no. Best solution to poor headlamps is refurbishment or replacement with TF items, for which you'll also need the entire TF front end :o(
Rob Bell

I've seen a pic online somewhere....hang on I'll have a think.
Phil Brindley (Work)

Found it quicker than I thought.

Phil Brindley (Work)

Looks nice Phil, thanks. Its a bit of a small pic to see details. I wonder if someone may have some front pics and, even more relevant, how to do it. I wonder if the connection is to rear fogs or need a different key.
Mike V

Does look great, not sure about the legality of the number plate though. Anyone know what the minimum dimensions should be?
Phil Brindley

Also, as Rob mentions, there are restrictions on what can be classed as fogs. These would have to be driving lights and as such you could just wire them in to full beam.
Phil Brindley

Those look like the SP items I mentioned before.

Anyway... I knew I've seen an other set before on one of our Kempenrit rally's.


Excellent pic. Nice looking indeed. Now, about wiring, I think that connection to the full beam is possible however I would asume that it would require a different key and fuse. Legal?
Mike V

A diffrent key?

you have two choices: either wire them to come on with the full beam or wire them to come on instead of full beam, or wire them to come on as a compleatly diffrent set of lights.

Option 3 is favored by MG, a wireing kit which contains all the req bits is available and not too expensive. It comes with a relay, uses available wireing and a seperate fuse

Option 1 is favored by kevins, it is next to useless for fog, because the full beam will light up the fog like a wall. Fog lights have a very controled flat beam, which only lights the road surface, so you get better vision than with beam. You would need a relay switched by the main beam, and a seperate fuse.

Option 2 is what I would chose, I don't know the legality of it, I would wire the realy to use the rear fog light to sense if you wanted to route the main beam electric to the fog or main beam, you wouldn't require a seperate fuse, but you couldn't use both full and fog (why would you want to?), Note that when you switch on Full, you switch off dip, so this might make this option illegal.
Will Munns

Thanks will,
I think I also would prefer option 2. Now I only need to get two good looking lamps and design a way to fix them. Any ideas?
Greg Cooper

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