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MG MGF Technical - fog lamps mg tf

hi hope someone can help going to fit fog lamps as the blanks look so bad .can you tell me if i need insurts or will the lamps just fit in the body shell
thanks rob
r williams

I presume that they're similar to the MGF units, in which case you'll need a pair of mounting brakets that afix to the body work. They ought to be pretty easy to fabricate out of sheel aluminium I'd have thought if you wanted to DIY rather than use the official mounting kit?
Rob Bell


I added fog loghts last summer to my TF and yes they will need a mounting kit. There appear to be 2 types of mounting kits so you will need to check which one yours needs.

They are quite cheap and I got mine from Mike Satur. They are just bits of plastic moulding and you fit the fog light to this and then the bracket (with the light) to the back of the bumper. Self tapping screws will do the job.

I managed not to take off the bumper and this meant that i could only put in 3 of the 4 screws but its been running welll with only the 3 and the rods over here are dead bumpy.

Whilst experimenting before fitting i accidently ran over one of the mountings but ringing mike satur i was able to get a replacement.

One other thing there is no loom ! well at least on my TF. You would have though the expense of having 2 types of looms when building the car at longbridge, one with fog lights and one without wouldn't be cost effective, but thats whats done !

So i ended up getting the loom and instructions from mike as well. I have the newer type fuse box/ relays so again the loom may be different.


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