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MG MGF Technical - fog lights

I've acquired a fog lamp kit by buying the parts seperatley (to save money) this means I have no wiring diagram for the loom. Has anyone got a diagram that they can send me or does anyone know where I can get one from.


MGR will sell you one for about 35.00:-)

Otherwise have a look at Dieters site.

Ted Newman

Not much help from old D regarding the wiring this time.

Reason is, I've got a spare loom/switch/relay for sale from buying a complete front fog kit for a MY 2000/mgtf design.

Required the left hand fog light only to replace a broken and I'll keep the RH one for later damages.

Now, anyone out there to pay huge 100EUR for that wiring loom kit including the switch and relay ?

I'm sorry, sounds like an extortion, though.
If sold then I'll publish the wiring diagram ASAP, of course.

Dieter K.

I can't help on the wiring I'm afraid as my fog lights came fitted - and they add very little illumination either as it happens.

My problem is that one of the surrounding rings glued around the hole in the bumper has detached itself and disappeared. The last dealer I spoke to said that these were not available separately and my only option was to spend some extraordinary sum to buy a full kit just to get the plastic ring. Did you manage to buy these separately and if so do you have a price and part number?


Peter Ambrose

I've done the F to tf conversion and there is already a housing built into the tf bumper for the fog lights so the rings were not required.


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