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MG MGF Technical - forgotten pipe!!!

Hi guys. It is just the second year of my TF and i was very pleased as far as quality issues until yesterday that i went to fill it up." Something is missing here " tells me the guy at the gaz station."There supposed to be a pipe with a tap inside that keeps the reservoir clean and assures that the fuel is unleaded". I took the car to the dealer who just admitted that the part is probably fogotten from the factory.They will have it fixed next week.Am i the only one? At least the did not forget to put brakes...

Maybe its fallen inside the petrol tank.?

Parts like this are usually produced as a unit.
Maybe someone had tried to force a larger (incorrect) petrol nozzle into the petrol filler and pushed it in.

Just a thought.

I don't know what the arrangement is for the TF but on the F the fuel filler pipe is an one piece complete assembly from the opening in the body to the short rubber hose that attaches it to the tank. This is a metal pipe with two branches, a thick one for filling and a norrower one for breathing while filling. The flap is integrated. It seems that yours was modified at sometime, to accept leaded maybe?
Spyros Papageorghiou

From the parts slide it gives a different part number for the filler pipe for Japan cars and it is described as - pipe-fuel filler unrestricted- while the other one is described as restricted. Maybe you have the Japanese part?
Spyros Papageorghiou

Hi Spyros. Thanks for your advises.I think the name of the missing part is fuel filler neck but i am not sure.What worries me is how much work does it need to be fixed and if it worths supposed the car is almost new 3800km.I guess you also speak Greek?

Hi Max,

You need to remove the engine access panel and probably the air filter housing for access to the filler neck. Replacement then is straightforward, just acouple of bolts and two jubille clips. Hopefully your dealer will do it for free as it is a new car.

Yes Greek is my native language.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Thanks we will see.exo sxesi me ellada gi'ayto rotisa. euxaristo

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