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MG MGF Technical - Fresh air Intake modification

Has anyone fitted a fresh air intake modification from the kits available. I whant to do this myself but need the information to manufacture and install.
Would you email me with the data.
Regards Eric
E Gray

Do you mean for an induction filter?

If so I have made an enclosed forced air system connected ot the P/S air intake - with a plant pot
I Brown

This may be of help Eric:
Rob Bell

Thanks to I Brown and Rob Bell. Sorry if posting was not to clear I was refering to convoluted kit from Mike Sature that I think connects to the passenger side air intake. Haveing read your link it mentions that this type of fresh air mod is not recomended because of the poor air flow from the convolute.
Unlike you in Britain we are limited to what is available from auto wrecker yards. Thanks I will study the info and would I Brown get back to me with more details on your method.
Regards to you both Eric.
Eric Gray

Hi Eric

We have the same problem here in NZ no old rover parts.

Great results using the KN filter and a 52mill throttle body. We have removed the resonater box (bugga of a job) and put a 100mll pipe down to the passenger air intake. Air is now forced in, when the car is moving, by fitting an airscoop. We have also manufactured an aluminium heat shield between the Filter and the engine.

The engine appreciates cold air most at low speeds and this can only be achieved with an enclosed air filter. After that it's all a matter of degree. a single large diam pipe is better than two small ones and smooth bore hose is better than a convoluted one - if you can persuade it to take a smooth bend within the space available.

My current Viper filter produces slightly more power than my old K&N in a flower-pot, but the difference is too small to notice on the road.

This is a picture of the one I made.

Asmentioned above, as it is completely enclosed and made comlpetely airtight with silicon glue, all air your filter need is focribly sucked fomr the air vent and is therefore cold fresh air.

This site is about constructing it, but I also added padded, reflective material to the outside as well as heat reflecting aluminium tape.

This is a picture of mine before fitting

I Brown

Oops, picture is here
I Brown

Sorry, for some reason the links dont work from this site

If you go to this site, and click on the bottom right picture.

Sorry folks
I Brown

It's amazing how professional these things look.

When I made one, the taper of the flower-pot, (8" from memory) followed that of the K&N and the base was a complete saucer from a smaller flower-pot. The saucer was fitted over the straight joint supplied as part of the filter kit sealed with silicone mastic and trapped between the jubilee clips that hold on the pipes. The saucer then mated nicely into the top of the flower pot and was held in place with 3 self tappers. The biggest snag I found was having to break the seals just to inspect the air filter, but nthis applies to many of the bought kits as well.


Surely if using K&N filter type why not place the filter body itself in the vicinty of the air intage and just take tubing to the intake at the throttle body ??????? would this not work ? or is it too simple ?

Hi Phil. That should also work. I'm at the moment doing excactly what you suggest with my Lotus Elise S2 using a RR-2802 double coned K&N Filter and a customized aluminium tube which is about 60 cm long. I guess one problem for the MGF is to "scoop" enough" air in through the standard air intake.
RTS Solheim

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