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MG MGF Technical - Front anit-roll bar mount

My can makes a graunching sound from the front suspension when the weather is hot, as you go over bumps. I thought it might be the anti-roll bar mount bushes so had a look. The ns mount is squashed to the chassis, as if I've hit something and bent the mount backwards (Although I don't recall doing this). The fixing looks so weak, just a bit of thin metal welded onto the bottom of the sub frame, that I'm worried that if I bach it, it'll fall off. Is there an alternative fitting of the front roll bar mounts or are they all of this flimsy construction and what is the best way to straighten the bracket (other than bashing it straight).

Hi Keith,

Had similar problem with my anti-roll bar bracket - in my case I know exactly how I bent it!

Mike repaired it for me as it had failed the MOT - I'm sure he'll be along shortly to give you some top advice whilst it is still fresh in his mind!

Fiona :-<>

Keith, it's not as flimsy as it looks - I tried re-shaping it in the hope that just a new top clamp could salvage it but ended up persuading Bill at the MGF Centre to cut one off a spare subframe, which he did very accurately (cheers Bill!).

Having said that, Fiona used IIRC a roundabout to re-design hers hence it being completely unsalvageable, if yours is less severe then I can vouch for the fact that it won't fall off if you bash it back into shape. Good luck ;o)
Mike Hankin

hi keith how are you
yep i have that problem at the moment i have a knocking noise .when i go over bumps and when i pull away get back to me mayby we could meet up in mk.

is so annoying dont what to do at the moment ...
darren jeffery

Thanks all,
Mike was quite right, it didn't fall off, given the amount of bashing it took to reshape it back to it's original shape. The U bracket had a big chunk out of it, so whatever I hit must have just caught the U bracket and bent the whole thing.

Unfortunately though it hasn't cured the creaking which comes from the NS front wheel side when the car has been stood in hot weather. If I bounce on the NS, it sounds almost like something is rubbing but I can't find it. Of course as soon as you drive off and (I assume) and the part cools, the groaning goes away. I have recently fitted a new top ball joint to that side but can't see a problem that would cause this groaning.

Darren, I had the front suspension clonking, it was the top ball joint on mine, I could wobble the NS wheel, holding it top and bottom but not holding it at the sides.

Could the noise be coming from a tired damper perhaps?
Rob Bell

is that where the upper ball joint is???? moved the wheel side to side there is play there
could that cause the girl to clonk then???
darren jeffery

How interesting: just spent yesterday pm trying to reshape the clamp, having noticed (visually, I don't recall a crash) it had taken a hit!

Unfortunately the bushing has been partially split, and the front part of the mounting bracket is a parallelogram rather than a square!
Glad to hear it will be ok for some mallet work though, but I do need a new bracket & bushings.

Charles Dundas

Well, time for a stupid question: just received 2 new poly bushes, and a replacement clamp. The old bushes are split, the new ones are in one piece. Are you supposed to slide them along from the end of the rollbar, or can they be cut?

Also, the clamp is too deep, the original was quite a shallow curve and this one will not be tight against the bushing. I have a 1996 VVC. VIN 6308.

( parts ordered from B&G last week, arrived Monday morning in NZ! Just fitted the K&N, wooo hooooo!!!)
Charlie Dundas

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