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MG MGF Technical - front box

I know there is a "front box" for mgf (LHD only). Do you know part number?

I own a mgtf, I think it can be assembled even in it. But I don't found it in "MG Approved Accessories" dealer give me some days ago.

Do you know how to buy this particular part? I need it to fit in it the CD changer. I cannot install CD changer without it (I fear water goes in it and damage it).


I found part number:

does anybody have this on sell?
No longer availiable *official* in DE, and it was DE supplies only.
I think the tooling got taken over by a german aftermarket supplier.

If you like to spend loads of cash, then try
(regards from Dieter if you order, though I've really nothing to do with Mr Anhalt) ;)

Anyway, installation is impossible without using a spare wheel in place.

PS. sometimes a box appears at ebay DE. The last I saw went for 170 EURO.
Dieter K.

have you a suggestion to me?
If you know a better solution tell me about it.

why not buy a bigger car?
hehe.. piss off factor....

why not make silent?

Why not make silence?
why not be silent?

Hi cnerone,

I too like the boot box idea - in fact, I've taken measurements and photographs to research how to make a version for RHD cars. But at the end of the day, perhaps a box is not the best solution.

I suppose it depends on what it is you want to but in there? Perhaps a water proof squashable bag would be better?
Rob Bell

Many options... but if you have a look at the F's manual, it states that you may not store anything in the front, as it could change the impact/crumple zones.

Of course this odd, as the box is an original Rover item.

... and it contains a spare wheel, which is not all that deformable... ;o)

Front boot should, however, be only used for squashy items for exactly the reasons Erik mentions. Don't store angle-iron in there!
Rob Bell

>Of course this odd, as the box is an original Rover item.

Former MG Rover DE, which makes the difference.
I think they used the *grey line* regading EC regulations.... *add on supplies* is different approval to *installed and tested as delivered by factory*
However A.M.T. or ebay, or second hand from the advert boards on my webside is the only option.
BTW. you need not look. Nothing in currently.
Dieter K.

I think front box is plastic made. So I think it doesn't modify impact effect. In addition I want you to remember there is possible to buy mgTF without spare wheel (with IMS option). I think the existence or not of this particular can make difference in impact cases.

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