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MG MGF Technical - Front Bumper wont come off!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Eager to get everything ready for MGF 10 i decided to finish all of the bits i never got round to putting on!!.The bright grill kit on my F, did the side vents nearly a year ago, never got round to the front grilles.

Tried it and the front bumper wont seem to come off, I have undone the screws at the top under the bonnet lip, and the two bolts behind the indicators

Am I missing some more??????

Need to get it done tomorrow as off all day!!!!

R P Earle

yep,behind the wheel arch liner there are two each side, one of each locks into a slotted hole, meaning you can slacken them rather than remove them - which makes refitting easier.

Say goodbye to the skin on your knuckles ;-)
Will Munns

Check through the archives, only a few weeks ago I listed what to do bit by bit when I replaced mine. Look under replacement grilles or something like that.

Adrian Clifford

If you are lucky (or unlucky as it goes) you might be like me and only have two of the screws under the wheel arch to worry about as the others have fallen out!

Sonny Foster

Adrian's sent me his pictures, but until I put these together as a set of instructions, see Tim Woolcott's instructions on bumper and headlamp removal - it shows all the relevant steps:

Good luck!
Rob Bell


Thanks for the help all done now car all polished and ready to go, not impressed with the Meguairs Polish at all normally avid Autoglym man but decided to try it!!! Bad idea far too much effort and reapplication!!!

Wasn't going to use the car till i leave tomorrow but My jeep has turned into the Titanic, has just sprung two leaks one in the F/N/S tyre and one in the fuel line underneath!!!! Oh well will have to wait till nxt week!!

See you all either tomorrow or sunday!!

R P Earle

I've been out today and got three complete sets of hood clamp bolts in s/steel, one for you, two for anybody else ??

Adrian Clifford

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