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MG MGF Technical - Front Fog Light Switch

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this switch? I have fitted my own lights but want the genuine switch to match the other switchgear.

I have purchased the switch but am not clear as to the wiring of the five terminals on the switch.



There is a thread running on this on the general board. The five terminals are identified in that thread.
Stuart Elliot

Cheers Stuart,

I was being lazy, should really have checked first!! Did check the archive thought!


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But it belongs here in any way :)
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From: Stuart Elliot Warwickshire United Kingdom on 01 September 2001 at 23:08:36 (UK time)
Internal connection is not the same.
Pin 1 Power in
Pin 2 pannel light
Pin 3 pannel light
Pin 4 switched power out
Pin 5 Gnd for the power on connection.
Some switches, such as the heated rear window working into electronic controls, seem to switch the gnd side. The fog light switch can be made to operate both ways.
Most fog lamps are 55W and therefore 5A is suitable. If you use the existing F wiring and tap into the main beam supply (fused at 15A), use the switch to control the relay, then the auxilary lamps can easily be made to operate with main beam but selected of the switch.
relays can be purchased for as little as 2-3 in an electronic component store.

Dieter Koennecke

This thread was discussed between 01/09/2001 and 02/09/2001

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