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MG MGF Technical - front inner tyre

hello expert mgf owners,

What is the solution for inner front tyres.Since one year i have also changed all bushes by pollybushes.

also steering wheel is trying to turn by itself sometime. (hard and soft without no reason )

thanks in advance for your infos

turgut yaslica

Hi Turgut,
What do you mean by inner front tyres? Is it the driver or passenger side? What is the problem. Is it a tyre wear problem.
What MGF. An MPI or vvc and what year is your car.
You say the steering wheel turns by itself, is that at any speed or maybe under braking?
Cheers Chris
Chris Jones


Things tend to be a bit quiet over the weekend on here, particularly this one since it's Easter.

I assume that it's "inner tyre wear" that you're talking about on your MGF and you've checked to see that it's not mechanical wear and tear that's causing the problem e.g. trackrod ends. The other likely cause is the steering geometry setup. As the suspension drops over time, this can affect the tracking which in turn can cause tyre wear. Get your suspension pumped up to the correct height and get the tracking done (four wheel alignment) before you fit new tyres. There's lots about this in the archives. If you register (it's free) this will give you acess to this information. Please note that as well as reducing tyre wear, your car will also handle a lot better.
David Clelland

Hi Turgut,

it sounds as though you have a problem with your wheel alignment - the commonest cause for uneven tyre wear (typically on the inner edges of the front tyres) and unpleasant handling characteristics such as pulling to one side.

Best get your car re-tracked (4 wheel alignment).

More information about this problem, solutions etc here:
Rob Bell

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