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MG MGF Technical - Front shockers


My 1996 1.8i has just failed its MOT with a worn NS front shock absorber bush. Therefore needs new shock(s). I'm having no luck finding a spares dealer other than Rover (60 each) who sells them. No-one seems to list them other than Rover. Gabriel, Boge, Sachs, Monroe are all showing no listing.

Any ideas who make them for Rover ? Recommended dealers ?




Use this perfect oportunity to replace the shocks with some decent units.

See http:/ to order a set of AVO adjustable gas shocks. You can order them online at a cheaper price than from B&G. These are much better units than the standard an are quite a reasonable price when compared with the Rover dealer prices for the standard units. I was not impressed by the quality of the standard units.

Do your F a favour. If you do get the AVO shocks the front should be set at 4 or 5 and the rear set to 6 or 7.
Tony Smith


another option is to get new bushes from Mike Satur. only 37 + VAT i think, and thats all round. so no need to replace the shocks. I am waiting mine in the post as we speak.

Or do as tony suggests and uprate the shocks. If you are forking out the money i always think you might aswell pay a little more and get something better than the stanard part that more often than not is over priced anyway.

The AVO shock is 44.95 including VAT direct from AVO UK.

Part number TA1031


At Rover prices your not even talking a little more, you will actually pay less for the AVOs.....
Tony Smith

Slightly off beat question, but are Metro GTi dampers the same as MGF items?

I mention this as an alternative to looking for MGF in shock absorber listings...

Rob Bell

Derek, just out of interest what's the mileage on your F? Mine's a '96, so I'm wondering if it's a common problem or mileage related.



I have a '96 vvc 50k and I failed my MOT in Feb for worn bush on the rear shock, so worn in fact there isn't much left of it!

IMO - wheel bearings and ball joints seem a common
problem area on the F

I too am waiting for MikeSatur's shocker poly offering

Already replaced all the suspension bushes with powerflex items...


AVO quote two different part numbers for *F* and Metro GTi shocks (they may indeed be one and the same tho)



Metro GTi and F have different part numbers.

Roger Parker

We received the new design poly bushes in stock Friday , really pleased with them! (apart from being four weeks late on expected delivery!)

>Already replaced all the suspension bushes with powerflex items...

And don't it make a difference? :-)
Tony Smith

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