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MG MGF Technical - Front spoiler

Simple one really that I can probably guess the answer to but just to confrim:
Has any ever noticed any effect on K&N induction airflow if a Trophy front spoiler is fitter?
Bob Never was in the USA

I have a K&N kit on my Trophy, and it seems to operate OK. Having said that, I've never had the car without the splitter, so I can't compare.
I see your theory, that the reduced airflow under the car will mean that there is less air going to the under-car pipes. However, as these pipes are only a couple of inches in diameter, I am sure there is still more than sufficient air passing under the car to feed the pipes fully, and consequently supply cool air to the cone.
I'd be amazed if it made any difference.
PK51VDL - Yellow Trophy

Why would you put a K&N on a Trophy (or TF160)? I understand that over about 4000 RPM the K&N struggles compared to the Trophy uprated induction system possibly reducing perfomance. Might sound good (different?) but I doubt if there's any other tangible benefit - can you tell?

I had my K&N fitted on my Trophy before it was collected from the dealer. It was on my 1.8mpi before I upgraded, and they swapped it over for free. This was on the advice of the dealer (Syd Brown & Sons of Longridge), as they had compared K&N with standard Trophy induction, and found the K&N better. I have the uprated Trophy kit in the garage somewhere!
Therefore, I cannot compare directly with my car, but I did borrow a different Trophy for 24 hours before buying, and can compare that. I think the K&N equipped car has an improved throttle response, and sounds far better. Actual performance is hard to judge - I don't think there was much in it. It's worth it though, for the noise alone!!

Difficult to work this one out, on the one hand you have a less efficient filter medium with no ram air feed in an isolated filter box drawing air from a cool source vs a more efficient filter medium with a cool air feed with a ram air effect suspended in the red hot ambient air of the top of the engien bay.

The advantages/drawbacks of one are the drawbacks/advantages of the other.

Theoretically i would say they should perform pretty much equally and it is then a matter of personal taste as to which one to go for. To get a benefit (performance) from an air filter in the Trophy/TF you need to look at panel filters, the Piper Viper or the ITG Maxogen as these add to the spec of the standard item.

Scarlet Fever

Duh! Did I say I wanted to fit the K&N to a Trophy?!
Or did I ask if a Trophy spoiler would affect airflow to a K&N? (which is a subtly different enquiry)
To clarify I am considering adding a Trophy spoiler to my 1.8i which already has the K&N kit.
Agree with you Paul, probably no noticeable difference. Thinking about it, I ran my car without any induction pipes at all for a little while and that made no difference either.
Bob Never was in the USA

Hi Bob,
I recently fitted a Trophy front spoiler to my MY2000 VVC. I did not experience any power problems (also have K&N since 9/00). Of course the driving stability is much better, but to be honest the car has also been lowered at the time of the spoiler fitting.
Hope that helps,

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