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MG MGF Technical - Front subframe

after spin, my mgf vvc 1996 hit the sidewalks. Left front and back wheels went off. mgf service changed someparts and gave me my car.But the measurements of the front is out of tolerances.I asked them to change front subframe and they told me that even new subframe wouldn't resolve the probl. WHY?
Any idea about this?
- new subframe ? or
- fixing existant one ?
- another solution ( do you have ?)

other where can i import the front subframe good price? here price is 800 pounds

thanks for your helps

Turgut Yaslica

It is possible that the subframe mounting points have moved in the accident Turgut - but there is no way for us to know without putting the car up on a jig or similar and measuring the datum points...

A good source of subframes is the MGF Centre ( - I've not asked how much they are, but they should be a good deal cheaper than 800 quid. Postal delivery might be a little expensive though?
Rob Bell

You cannot fix it until you know what is wrong. Nobody will promise to fix it with a new/used subframe so you may waste a lot of money buying it and more to fit it.
Ideally, it needs to be set up and measured on a jig which you will probably not find in Turkey however the "Body Dimensions" are given in the "Body Repair Manual" on the MG-R MGF Maintenance CD available from dealers and B&G for about 50.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

I agree with G Farthing.

Secondhand front subframes CAN damage your health and wallet. Unless properly check on a jig and certificated, you may be buying bigger problems than you started with.


thanks for theses useful information for me.

Mg service is trying to reduce the cost of reperation for insurance . to repair is cheaper than changing the parts. So i have talked with the dealer service, they will measure the monocoque of my car on a jig(they have jig)and after subframe matter will be traited.

thanks again for infos
Turgut Yaslica

Good luck Turgut - let us know how you get on :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob

i will let you know about it next week.

Turgut Yaslica

This thread was discussed on 25/11/2004

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