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MG MGF Technical - front suspension grease nipples

Hi guys,a couple of weeks ago I asked for advice regarding greasing the front suspension on my F VVC.I want to thank you all and to say the job was done this am.The main reason I didn't know where to look (and I have had the wheels off plenty of times) is that each nipple was surrounded by the not uncommon mini mountain of grease and gunge so I couldn't actually see the nipple.As I have learnt you have to be exact in getting the grease gun square on otherwise you aren't getting the grease through the nipple,It makes me wonder how much has ever gone in in the past.

One thing that still bugs me a bit is that I always understood that there were 4 nipples but following advice only looked for 2,which I found easily enough.However,looking back in the archives(albeit a long time ago)a guy said he had greased his 4 nipples,So what's the exact situation anyone is it definitely 2 or 4 for a 97 car?
MR Blencowe

One per corner - so four.
Rob Bell


I have a TF now, so I may very well be wrong, but are there really any grease nipples anywhere on the rear suspension of the F?? There certainly aren't any on the TF! Greased mine a while ago and that was only at the front.


Rob is right, there's one grease nipple on each corner.
I grease mine myself as all garages seem to be able to do, if they bother, is squirt it all round the nipple - does any actually go in? When the MGR dealer puts the wheels back on the torque settings can go out the window too. It really is easier to do it right yourself for free!
Pete Tipping


check the TF rear upper arms RH? or LH? of the lower bumper mount. upper ar, inner bearing. They will be there.
Nat marked here, but I think it gives an impression where to look.

Dieter K.

Crickey... !! And I thought I really looked... I will have to do the rear ones asap!!

Thanks guys!


P.S: Interestingly, the front nipples are clearly indicated in the TF workshop manual, whereas the rear ones are not! No wonder many dealers miss them then...

Hello again.The mystery was cleared up this morning.During my post winter grovel under the VVC to check everything out,having done the front grease nipples yesterday when I took the back wheels off,lo and behold, 2 more heaps of gunge surrounding the grease nipples.And as Pete has said above I doubt if much had gone in during previous services.Well it sure has now.Car seems A ok for putting it back on the road 1 Apr (hmm, All Fools Day and MG ownership-well, fingers crossed)

Thanks again folks
MR Blencowe

Hi all,
one reason for a lot of grease on the outside but unknown amounts inside where itīs needed might be the straight nipples !
A "normal" grease gun (even with a soft extension pipe) will have difficulties to get on the nipples due to the shocks. Even more so if the car is on a ramp with the 4 wheels free.
As a DIY-er I have found this annoying with a lot of leakage around the nipples when doing the greasing.
Only solution is to repace the original straight ones for 45 deg.bent nipples.
Makes the job much easier and no spillage... / Carl.


45 degree nipples! Where and how easy to swap?

J Ip

dead easy to swap. Lots of space for different Standard nipples.

The question is..
... which thread dimension to buy.

I just measured M6x1
Dieter K.


nice nipple.!

What camera are you using?


old fashioned discontinued Sony with Zeiss lens :)
Dieter K.


Thanks for the links.

or should I say Tankeshen.?


nearly perfect.
You're welcome
Dieter K.

Thanks for the 45 deg nipple tip. Only after a right old struggle it is just possible to get my Wanner gun to clip on. Assume that applies to all four.
Pete Tipping

Thanks aswell from me.
BTW, if anyone can't find them. They all four are located in direction front of the car :)

Carl, I got them at Ebay and installed together with the other job.

if you go form them, may be this hint helps and prevents you from getting mad. The old may get off with a 7mm ratchet so far. But then ... getting the 45° parts in ... I nearly broke my hands ;)

At last:
Loosen the dampers and push them upwards by hand. Then it's easy access to all four.
Tools are a 13mm ring spanner to hold the damper bolt and 17mm ratchet to undo the nut.

Swap in the 45° parts and direct the nipple inlet to the cars side.

Notice, when you put the dampers back.
Put the bolts on _hand tight_ only, so the damper bush remains loose and can stil turn on the bolt.
Then put the wheels back on and drop the car on wheels.
Now tighten the dampers with wheels on earth from below.
If you don't, then the MGF will remain in highlander mode, cause the damper bush is tight and _holds_ the car high.

Err, I missed to take a near picture. Added nice yellow nipple caps aswell.

First impression of another *Carl's tuning advise*
index.htm missing, but images are there.

Have fun.

Dieter K.

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