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MG MGF Technical - Front Suspension help please - grating

Hi all

I have some problems with my front suspension. First of all steering seemes to be woolly at best. At slow speed and full lock (car park) I get a bump through the steering wheel as if going over a small pothole, but it's a smooth car park?

Also at slow speed and full LEFT lock only, if the car is going up or down (say onto a drive) then i get a very pronounced grating noise. I don't think it wheel rub as it sounds like a metal on metal squeal and curiously never happens if i go up the same ramp straight or to the right. thinking possibly something to do with the front anti roll bar...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

jon (Panthro)

Take a look at the drop links from anti roll bar to the lower suspension arm. It's common for them to break and make the kind of noise you describe. If that's the cause you cab get alloy replacements with poly bushes from MS. Very good they are too.

Ken Waring


Thanks for the pointer Ken

Any other thoughts!

Come on you helpful lot ;-)

jon (Panthro)

I had one of the ARB drop link break on my old F and it made a very similar sounding noise. The drop link is on the inside of the wheel rim. Turn the wheel on full lock and feel the inside of the rim - if its scored then you know that it is the drop link.

Ralph Gadsby

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