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MG MGF Technical - Front wing removal?

Hi All,

If I could possibly draw on your advice, my colleague's 1998 MGF was pranged in the work carpark and the o/s front wing has been pushed in quite a bit, she has asked me to see I can replace it with a second hand one rather than go the insurance route.

I don't have a workshop manual for the F and was wondering whether if anyone knows how to removal the front wing - I assume that it is bolt on?

Pointers in the direction of a faq, website or anything welcome, I did look in the archives but haven't found anything related.


Mike Curtis-Rouse

It's on my website, i'll try to dig out a direct URL for you...

>> << (contracted URL)

The home page of the website is at >> << and this has come from the REBUILD gallery. Click on the NEXT button to get the sequence.

Scarlet Fever

You also need to remove the front bumper and headlamp as well, removing these items is covered elsewhere on my site - i can provide details if you need them.

Scarlet Fever

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