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MG MGF Technical - FSE Power Boost Valve - position

Any thoughts on where to best place a FSE Power Boost Valve?

Much larger than the standard OEM and not much space plus needs to away from a hot place (difficult I know!).

Where have others on this forum placed theirs? Needs to be mounted somewhere secure.
J Foulger

Commonest place I've seen them mounted is in the centre of the boot bulk head panel (the same point as the TF rear stiffening brace centre bracket is mounted, if you had one on your car). Seems ideal - and Techspeed do a very nice installation job of it too. The major advantage is accessibility - ideal for when you tweak it on a RR.

More on fuel pressure regulators in the MG here:
Rob Bell


Thanks. I should have remembered your site and although I have retrofitted the TF braces, they are not mounted in the centre so That is where I will place it.

Good luck with it Julian :o)
Rob Bell

Don't get me wrong i'm all for enhancing ones mgf but a boost valve is a total waste of time. If you've not bought it yet then don't. Go for an exhaust, throttle body, K&N type route.



Got all those things including Racelogic traction control et al! Running out of things to fit.

Looking at the threads on this subject I will be setting the booster to 3.1 bar, any more appearing to effect the engine in a negative fashion. I expect no more than smoother throttle response but not the so called 'power gains' advertised.

Martin, you'll find that the above mentioned link says as much - but if you've done some serious engine work, and want to keep the standard MEMS engine management, an FSE can be a cost effective way of sorting out the fuelling :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 25/03/2007

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