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MG MGF Technical - fuel additives

viewing of photos of stripped down "f" engines seem to me to show carbon buildup which i think is or not this is due to dirty fuel direct from the pump or just contaminants in todays fuel i dont know. however i do remember a product called " redex" which kept carbon deposit soft probably allowing it to remove itself during normal engine time.q, is ,is there any merit in the use of additives such as wynns petrol treatment or other proprietary brands to at least assist in softening these deposits? or just accept them as normal in air aspirated engines?
rb wadwsorth

BP and Shell Optimax focus on this aspect


There is a "de-coking" product on the market, which you spray into the air intake of the carb while revving the engine.

I tried it on my old Range Rover. It was great fun, with loads of smoke a sh*t coming out of the exhaust, but didn't noticeably improve the vehicles performance.

Sorry, can't remember the name of the product.


Sam Murray

MGR always add something each time they servive my TF, last year they used 'petrol purge'. Slick 50 is very good but expensive (10), Wynn's and STP do injector cleaner for about 4 from Asda Wal-Mart. Have seen Sam's de-coking product too in many shops, used it on my old Dolomite, much visual excitement but not sure about results.

That sounds like the Reddex product for carburettor and 'upper cylinder' treatments. Very good for the Going-away car at wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wellss. They also do good injector cleaning ones for petrol and diesels which feel as though they work! No evidence to offer(except for the going away car).
C.R.B. Simeon

I've used the Reddex injector cleaner in the F. No evidence as to whether it works or not, but I believe that for a while after it all felt a bit sharper. Tend to use it on long journeys (few hundred miles or more) to purge the old dear.
Graham Martin

Does blowing all the gunk through the catalyst harm it?


Eeeek, good point Chris, never thought of that! I guess I had assumed that any deposits etc that were shifted were burnt during combustion. Surely the most common deposits would be carbon based?
Graham Martin

thanks all,doesent seem to be any horror stories,ive been using 150mm of wynns spitfire petrol treatment to each full fill, in short its permanently in the tank.i dont know about the catalyst but i think its probably capable of recieving that small amount.i have a 99 vvc, spends most of its life in a garage hence the idea of keeping the internals moist,also i tend to think dry carbon deposits as typical on the valve face may promote corrosion and pitting,cheers.
rb wadwsorth


My experience is that there is very little carbon build up these days. Nobody asks, or offers, or expects, to decoke engines any more.

I think that most of the petrol treatments are inferior products consisting of little more than paraffin. Injector cleaner perhaps, but not much else. (And I'm not even sure about that!)

Regards, Kes.

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