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MG MGF Technical - Fuel Filling Problems

Hi Guys

First post on here and would very much welcome your help. Just had a replacement head gasket fitted on my wife's 2000 MGF which was done by the friend of a friend.

All seems fine but since I got it back it is taking me 10mins to get 10 of fuel into it.In fact I have had to buy a 20 litre jerry can so that I can just dribble the fuel into it. I assume the tank is not venting properly but not sure what is causing it and of course, now that he has his money, the friend of the friend has disappeared off the face of the earth!!

Any suggestions about remedies would be gratefully received.


D Challen

Hi Dave,

This is quite common. The answer is to rotate the nozzle. I find that when you rotate the nozzle forward, just past horizontal, you can fill at full trigger.


W A Nixson

Thanks for your reply Willyphixitt.

I have tried this and all other angles but without any success. It has never been the easiest vehicle to get fuel into but since the repair it just wont accept any fuel at all except in extremely small doses. I think the mechnaic must have disturbed something that vents the fuel tank but what that is I dont know.

Cheers anyway

D Challen

Due to the Aanti Polution Laws, the fuel tanks must not be be vented. They are all sealed. That is why, when you remove the fuel cap it goes HISS. :-)
The only access to the atmosphere during filling is via the open fuel filler hole.

Check that there is no kink to the hose behind the fuel filler hole.

I hold the nossle at 90' and it works OK.


Head gasket repair doesn't usually need any work on the fuel tank... That severity of filling reluctance sounds more like a blockage in the filler tube than a vent blockage. The distance from the neck of the filler tube to the bottom of the tank is approx 3ft, so I'd see how much garden hose (clean & dry) you can feed down.

If that process dislodges something and carries it down into the tank, you can retrieve it fairly easily. Remove the carpet & underlay from the rear parcel shelf and you'll see a circular access panel. Under this is the fuel pump, which can be disconnected & lifted out leaving a wide opening. If your arm can't fit through the opening, quit eating so much spinach ;o)


Cheers Branko and bandit.

Will check out your thoughts and let you know - fingers crossed! :)
D Challen

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