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MG MGF Technical - fuel filling up high prices

could anyone give me a low down on how much it would cost to fill my mgf 18i 2001 plate k series up??? i put £28 pounds in its just under half a tank cheers guys///

is that correct. i know petrol prices are going through the roof cant wait till the mgf day
gaydon .....

darren jeffery

I nearly ran out last week, it took a shade under 49 litres and cost me £46.55!
Paul Bevan

was running a bit low on sunday, and invested £49.00 for 51.63litres of Tescos finest!!!

2001 1.8 MPi

Mike, either you've managed to fit that 1.63 litres into the filler neck, or Tesco's pump calibration is out and they've over charged you...

The fuel tank capacity, according to the workshop manual is 50 litres.

Every little helps ;o)
Rob Bell

I often get 51.n lts in my TF and did with the F. You do, however, need total belief that there is a filling station just round every corner.
John Ponting

I've come pretty close to 50 litres with some still showing on the gauge...makes you wonder how accurate the pumps are, though - nice little earner if they're over-reading!!

Tim Jenner

thanks guys so that reading i had 28 just under half was right then

darren mk
darren jeffery

LOL John!!

we'd been to a very enjoyable wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells on saturday, and were on our way home... SWMBO was feeling particularly under the weather, and was thus the main object of my attention .. not being particularly keen to be hosing the car out and driving with the roof down all winter, i was continually checking the passenger rather than the fuel gauge!!
mike roberts

Patrick reckons he put in 53 litres on the Treffen - maybe he can offer a joviable explanation as to the location of the other 3 litres.
David Stonehouse

Ever tried to get a fuel tank out of an MGF? Seems to bigger than the hole it went in to and often won't come out without cutting something. It always appears as though the tank has expanded a bit. Looking at the above comments, perhaps they have.

Paul Walbran

It was not on the Treffen David. It was on our first trip abroad in the F way back in 1998 with a MG organised weekend to the Champagne region. The drive home was on Sunday and I forgot French petrol stations close on Sunday afternoon. We drove the last the last 60 miles on the Autoroute to the Tunnel at 50mph with the needle on empty – Managed to get onto and off the train and to the petrol station at the other end where we put 54 litres in the (then) young girl.

Someone topped that on the BBS by saying they had got 55 litres in their F.

I have never tested the capacity again to the same extent!



PS The 75 readings are no so generous and suspect this is the BMW influence – “ven ve tell you ze tank is empty – ze tank is empty dumcoff”
PA Beet

The handbook for my TF states that the "usable" capacity of the fuel tank is 50 litres, which implies that the tank's actual total capacity is something more than 50 litres.

Nigel Hixson

It's a saddle tank, perhaps that's where the difference comes.

Tim Jenner

More experienced F'ers get good at the cornering 'jink' to ensure that any fuel pooled in right side of the saddle gets slooshed into the left where the fuel pump resides :o)
Rob Bell

52.01 litres from BP Bo'ness Road Grangemouth, this is theh second time I have managed to fill my tank over the 50 litre maximum. So if the pump is not calibrated properly who do I complain to Trading Standards or HM Customs & Excise?

1st time was on 01-09-2004 (50,4 litres) 2nd tim 09-09-2005 (52.01 litres) both times the same filling station

I'm not sure - it's a weights and measures issue. Since it involves tax, it may be customs and excise.

Fuel pumps are allowed a margin of inaccuracy. Have a search on the net for the figure - it must be less than 10%.
Rob Bell

If you are concerned the details are on a sticker adjacent to it's nozzle, I believe it's the local trading standards for calibration purposes.

Adrian Clifford

In the 'good old days' it was the Weights and Measures department that did it! And whilst the National Laboratory still exists it seems that the Trading Standards Officer is the person to enforce/check at a local level these days.
Ted Newman

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