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MG MGF Technical - Fuel Filter Location

Can any one tell me where the fuel filter is located? My local autoparts centre says that it's part of the fuel pump. Is this the case or is it an in-line filter as with most cars?

I can't find anything in the archive relating to this question, so I'm hoping someone can help!

ps: How many of you have a Volcano MGF? I don't see that many other than mine!
John Samson

Rubbish. Its an inline filter.Open the boot,look into the left hand grill,look to the left and you will see it.
Tim Sanders

All fuel pumps have a gauze filter to prevent picking up larger debris that may be in the tank, but all fuel injection systems have to have a high efficiency, high pressure fuel filter otherwise the injectors would be shot within 12 months because of small particles of debris that you get in all fuel tanks.

Tim identifies the postion of the filter, but if your thinking of replaceing then this is a job that requires the engine bay main cover to be removed as the hexagon unions are always very tight.

Roger Parker

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