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MG MGF Technical - fuel guage

hi experts,

my fuel guage doesn't work properly. When the tank is almost empty, the guage shows the halfway of it.
where is the problem ?
any idea to fix it?

Turgut Yaslica

Probably the sender is sticky at the fuel tank inner wall. Or the sender mechanic at the fuel pump inside the tank is damaged.

Did you have any repair at the fuel tank or fuel pump recently ?

However. A very difficult job to correct this failure.

Some related pics to give impressions about the parts design.
(notice the small black part, bottem right of the pump. *the swimmer*
Sender unit resistor with attached wire lever.
No instructions though.

Dieter K.

Turgut - on a completely unrelated matter - did you get your car repaired okay in the end?
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 05/01/2005 and 06/01/2005

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